Saturday, April 30, 2011

Reading with the Razorbacks..& MoRe!

 Addison was away fishing a few weekends ago, so I filled the weekend with FUN for Turner (& me). My mom and I noticed in the paper they were having Read with the Razorbacks at the library..yeah..Touch-a-Truck...Spinach festival...Red/White Game...Razorback kid day..was going on..BUT I just KNEW all Turner wanted to do was go to the library to read with some sports people and then head up to the Farmer's Market for Earth Day fun! :).. Above is Karen and Jevin. Karen is aka SuperMom..I was stunned when in the car I texted her  just telling her (I know short notice).. this is going on..not even 15 minutes later they are strolling in and she lives in Johnson!
Look, Momma..._______________I can't even give you a big name from U of A sports because I truly don't know one that's playing right you can just fill in the blank with your favorite player. They probably were there..but I wouldn't know.  
They gave us a free book and we had all the 'sports' boys and girls autograph it. I would ask them, "What do you play?" and Then I would tell them all the fun things Turner likes to do..and then Tman would give them a high five. It was very sweet for the college kids to give up a Saturday morning to come read & listen to a mom like me. I know you can't see it..but I even wore my 'book' shirt. Yep...I'm the cool mom.

 I forgot some pictures. Above was after the library we went to the Farmer's Market to celebrate Earth Day. Right when we got to these musicians they played 'You Are My Sunshine!' On of our favorite songs!

This is Scotty Thurman. He is LEGEND as I've been told to U of A Basketball. The Wiggles book we own now is very special because he signed it! Tman has his game face on.

Listening to the stories.
Turner had so much fun giving everyone high fives...talking about how he wants to be a baseball player when he gets older...and listening to the stories. He and Jevin are 2 weeks apart, so they are pretty much on the same page and love chillin' together. Jevin has the cutest little wave that he showed me that day!
Turner also crawled all over children he did not know..almost knocked Jevin in the head with a puzzle piece from chunking behind his back...sneezed on another child ..which I wanted to die. We left at that point...oh and tried to sift through a woman's purse. He really was 'into' things at the library. He just feels like it's his home away from home.

& now the MoRe!
We had Eat.Play at our house this time. I love this Friday night once a month to simply hang with friends and be merry! Jenny & Hayden attend as well, but I didn't really settle and remember to take pictures until the end of the night!

 It's simple. I love Saturdays more than I ever knew I would. Even today when I was up at 545 with a wailing Turner (bad teething)...I love every minute. I love us spending time as a family since the work week is just crazy.
He loves his little snack cups! He is so cute sticking his hand in there and munch..munch.. His favorite are cheerios and banana puffs. He has started loving feeding others. This morning Addison got a mouthful of cheerios courtesy of Tman. He also has this little dish on his musical chair that he stores the cheerios..really..we now find Cheerios everywhere. He's also gone from placing one at a time in his let's see how many I can cram at once. That's fun.
 He's moving and shaking but still not walking. He took two steps between us on this day as we were playing.
 He takes his Radio flyer all over the house. He will do this until he just wears himself out!
 Loves placing the radio flyer RIGHT in front of PoPo's food/water's as if he knows. He then happily strolls back to the living room with the look of pride!
 He loves pushing his musical piano around like his wagon. Musical genius on the go! makeup..the look of tired in my eyes..BUT it's Saturday and I love it!
 Lazy Saturdays at its best for the whole family!
Kick your legs a little music..and chill as a family while chomping on Cheerios--that's the perfect world!
(My FAVORITE picture!)

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Taking a little trip to Italy

Spaghetti time!
Addison was out of town, so I told Turner we are going to get a little crazy and have spaghetti! (I know..I'm a wild woman!)
I decided to just strip him down to diaper and bib.
He loved it!

 He had a blast playing with it!
 He did eat some..but just a few noodles ended up in his lap..PoPo's hair...
 Yum! Yum! Dinner is Done!
What's funny is you would have thought he had it just ALL over him by how I prepared him and then rushed him right to the bath..but really he hardly had much sauce on him. Gotta love that boy!
 Next came the rice! We stayed the night at Grandmama's since the men were out of town fishing and had a blast!
 He couldn't decide on water or milk, so he was two fistin' it all through dinner. Good thing I was designated driver.
Meal times are fun! Grandmama has her fun ways to get Turner to eat anything. He will eat anything..oh..except cake. I love it how he scrunches his face like it's horrible, but will eat all of it. He loves to chunk his food on the floor..I know this is normal, but he gets told no many times, especially when he chunks his sippie and then you hear a yelp from PoPo for hitting him on the head. I was hoping this 'phase' lasted for about a month..but I've been told by friends this one sticks around for awhile. Speaking of chunking..he chunks everything behind his back. It's not safe and I'm scared he's going to hurt someone at school. He hits PoPo many times throughout the week. He doesn't blink an eye and whoosh! It's thrown. I'm just waiting for the item to be chunked into the tv..that will be a fun day.

Just Good Old Fashion Fun!

He's cheering on our favorite, Paul. We are still a little bit upset on the results last week... Turner LOVES music. When they are singing he will shake his hips, cheer, and wave his hands. I think he is taking after his mum.
Speaking of singing... below Mum had a little fun of her own. My friend Katy and I were asked to do a very special/fun task for McNair. Even though I had Addison out of town for 11 days, two birthday parties, PTC to plan, papers to grade...I was able to 'squeeze' in a day to act like a rock star or should I say rapper! Highlight of my teaching career :) (YouTube Search: Learn-A-Bit, McNair)
Below is us singers getting ready.

Having fun with Grandmama!

 Grandpapa spending some time with the Tman before he leaves for his fishing trip!
 The Monkey. Aaron and Dannis got Turner this cute sock monkey that has magnetic hands. We stick him randomly on Turner where he can't see it. It's fun! :)

 This is his France face..:) And shirt. Addison got him two shirts while in France. It were the only two that were not in French.
 Love this face... He didn't want to go to school...
 Froggy the Hat! 
Last Saturday Moppy and Poppy wanted Turner to sleepover. I dropped him off and Moppy had bought him the cutest rug to play on. It was an ABC rug..I want it! She also had all these fun toys displayed ready for some fun! They have a duck pond close by so both days he took a stroll with them to see the ducks. He felt like he was at home! Poppy introduced him to pickles and he loved them! Moppy confessed she gave him an Oatmeal Cream Pie (MY favorite!) and I thought that was so cute! That's what's fun about being a Grandma! What goes on at Grandma's, stays at Grandma's. Turner had so much fun and I loved it because I got a day to shop..just me and my debit. I didn't even buy anything for me! I just browsed..bought birthday gifts and things for Turner. I simply loved browsing. Addison did a bunch of yard work and loved just being outside. We then had a relaxing dinner at Bordinos. The froggy hat I bought while I was at Toys R Us. I had to return a toy of Turner's and bought him this Froggy a hula hoop (Yes-Mother of the year..return my son's toy and buy me something). He enjoys watching me whirl and twirl to get my flat stomach back for summer wear! :) The hat will be great this summer for the SUN!

 Ribbit! Ribbit!
 I had such a fun week!
Grandmama took these cute pictures- thank you!
My mom was at the park this week and a girl named Wanda was hanging with Turner (and Wanda's dad). My mom said Turner kept wanting to hang all over Wanda..and Wanda finally scrunched her nose and balled up and said, "Just go home!" Poor Turner, he just wanted some good old fashion fun...he just wanted to play with Wanda who has a good old fashion name!...

Birthday Bashes to an End

Turner had his 12 month check up and it was a good visit. I laugh how he cries harder when I place him in the weigher than the actual shots.
Height 29 1/2 - 50%
Weight 19.7 oz - 5%
Head 18.4 65%

Birthdays! Birthdays! March/April is a busy two months of birthdays! Turner is looking around now wondering why we aren't singing Happy Birthday to someone. He at least only cries at his own celebration :). We celebrated Uncle Aaron's Birthday at Herman's. Turner had so much fun and loved eating yummy steak! He (so far) behaves at restaurants..but the floor kills me being a former waitress when we leave. I just want to ask for a broom and do it myself...

He loves making birthday signs but it's getting pretty hard taking the picture these days. We have made a full round of birthday signs for the year!

 I love how he sits like this. He loves this chair and loves climbing all over it. I laugh because this is how he loves to sit even on the floor.
 His stinker face :)
 Uncle Caul's Birthday!
 Shugie's Birthday! Addison was out of town for a few of the birthdays. We ate at Hugo's and he loved it. He had some mint chocolate chip ice cream from a Grasshopper's Crepe (MY favorite!) and he loved it. Yum!

 I am looking for some good cookbooks. I usually use the internet..but I have to try REALLY hard to make good dinners. Addison and I don't have the best eating habits and with him traveling all the time I usually settle for a Lean Cuisine..but Turner is holding me accountable on eating healthy. We have started having family dinners (when Addison is in town) and I love it! I started doing the highs and lows of our day. (Even when Addison is out of town Turner and I sit at the table and have a great conversation and yummy  meal & I still share with Turner my high/low). I had to model for Addison how this works because he thought he could get away each time with saying Turner was his high..I said he couldn't use that everytime and should have specifics. He'll get the hang of it after awhile. Turner had the best ones! :)
 Turner loves wearing hats. He usually keeps them on for a long time period. I hope this continues! He looks so good in a hat!