Monday, August 30, 2010

Five Months already?!?!

It's true when you slack on posting blogs, it gets to be overwhelming. I am just going to recap mostly with pictures and just a few text.

He's five months today. He has really changed the past few weeks! I've heard there is a HUGE change from 5-6 months. I honestly understand now  when people say they grow up too fast. It felt like yesterday he was only a month old! It's amazing how you surprise yourself even though you know yourself so well! I am very surprised on how emotional I am on things changing with Turner. I get a little twinge in me every time he has a little change. I love, love how he talks to himself. It's so cute how he has found his feet. It's adorable how he notices PoPo now and almost falls out of your arms trying to see him. It's funny how he makes these long drawn out noises to go to sleep. It's amazing how he gets so excited over the simple things and even MORE amazing how I  will spend an hour singing the same songs over and over because it simply makes him giggle. Oh! His's the best thing. At work, I have to stop and just look at a picture of him because I miss him so much! Ok..enough of that. He makes me and Addison simply happy and I couldn't be more thankful than I am right now.

Oh yeah...HE'S SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT. I made his five month video today and I didn't even remember that one! :) (Again, it's amazing because I was a little sad the last few weeks because I don't get up with him anymore at the 2:00 feeding...)

What's even better is the amazing people Turner has in his life! Turner gets so much love and I love every bit of it for him.

He is loving being with Grandmama all day. He loves his stations and outside fun with her! Daddy started his new job at home today, so I'm looking forward to seeing how this all goes. It does mean more traveling for Daddy. The best thing is right when I get home, whatever Turner is doing he will stop and just want me to hold him for 30 or so minutes. What a wonderful feeling!

I haven't blogged because I pretty much have been trying to get into the groove of starting school. I'm looking forward to a wonderful year...and Thanksgiving break! ;)

Here's his world in pictures. I promise I will get better at blogging!

He started this bottom lip thing..I call him Old Man Turner

He had his first date with Campbell. It's so fun because they are starting to notice each other and interacting. Turner swatted at Campbell a few times. Just flirting :)

Oh the Jumparoo! Jenny told us to get this and I'm so glad we did! He LOVES it! As you can see, he has enough to entertain himself.

Grumpy face ...oh no..he's bird watching with Daddy! He loves watching the hummingbirds..someone likes it a little more ..Addison.

Relaxing with Daddy. On a side note, Turner was home with me for over 4 months and I never got pooped on or thrown up on. In the last week, ADdison has been thrown up on where it ruined his phone and pooped on so badly he had to throw it in the wash quickly! Way to go T-man!

He's starting to reach for things. I love how when I'm rocking him, he will look up at me and play with my hair that has fallen on him. So precious!

He's starting to plop over and off his chair. Mommy has had a few uh-ohs with him but he's ok :).
We visited Poppy and Moppy a few times! He loves seeing them!

Happy 25th Birthday to Lydia!!

What a noggin'! He will be soaking up a lot of knowledge with that head! :)
Mommy loves getting me up in the morning!

I have noticed that God really knows me. :) With his birthday being on the 30th each month, it makes it so much easier to think back to 'the whole month of August' makes it less confusing for me. I am the mommy who has to stop and say March 30th still because of his due date on MArch 29th, I still want to say that!

Have a wonderful day!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Angel is about to sprout wings...

We have been having some difficulty with the Angel Care Monitor lately. I don't have time to tell the two 'typcial' stories about this..let's just say from my blog postings Turner is not quite the sleeper....and because of little Angel Caring too much, we have woken ..well more like STARTLED him because we run in there... I am about to throw it out the window!

On to happier times! Before I went back to work, we went swimming with the Hill's. It was so fun to watch Jackson! He is quite the little fish and gymnast in the water!
Campbell and Turner got in the water and splashed around a bit.
Jackson LOVED filling up the bucket with water and dumping it out. He is quite the muscle man!
Wearing his sailor hat!

Grandmama is here!
I know how lucky I am to have my mom come to my house to watch Turner. It's such a blessing! He loves spending all day with her. She plays with him all day, reads to him, and does everything a Grandmama would do. One of their favorite things to do is he sits in his swing by the back door and watches the hummingbirds go to the feeder.
This week I went back to work and it was tough just because I've been with Turner for almost five months and I got used to being with him, so I knew what all I would be missing. My mom made it easier because I can still know all about his day. She also says by the looks of how it is in the morning she doesn't ever see how I could get Turner and myself to daycare & work! :) It takes a few weeks to get into the will be better once actual school starts! I also thank her for picking up my house (not that it's not clean 24/7 :) and doing our laundry...I tell her not to, but she does it anways! Too sweet!
Besides it all, the little things I will miss while working, but know it will be just as good with Grandmama:

1. Singing him 'our' songs
2. Reading him his stories
3. Feeding him and rocking him to sleep
4. Taking him to friends houses to play
5. Taking my 100 pictures a day of him!

Rice Cereal
He is making progress with his rice cereal. I hate how it gets ALL over him! I feel like I'm spending more time wiping it up then it actually getting into his mouth. What's funny is right when I put that heaping spoonful in his mouth, vroom! his hands plop right into his mouth. I have tried having him hold a toy while feeding him-toy is disgusting by the end. I try to hold down his hands..but that becomes a chore while trying to feed him. We then have cereal literally from head to toe. Mommy is not much better. I seem to plop it anywhere but his mouth. He's starting to eat all of it, so that's good.

This week as I went back to work, Poppy had quadruple bypass surgery. Turner (along with the rest of the family) was worried about his Poppy! It was a tough week, but he got to go home yesterday. We are excited because Turner can go see him today! We love you Poppy!
Poppy is the best at feeding Turner! :)

He has discovered his feet the past few weeks! It's fun how he curls up and plays with his feet.

Doing a little light reading in the morning with his cup of coffee.

I am lacking in the picture department! My camera is dead and I can't find my charger :(( that's not good when I need to take my 100 pictures a day between 4:00-8:00 pm ! :)

He is all tuckered out after a day of fun with Grandmama! Mommy is right there with him trying to get back into the 'groove' of everything. Luckily, I just keep thinking of Thanksgiving break! :)

Monday, August 9, 2010

Catching some zzz...

Mr. Turner is a squirmer! As you can see, he will wiggle himself until he is naked! I am not sure what 'normal' 4 month old babies should be doing...but Turner MOVES so much while he's asleep. Every morning he's in a different corner-no blanket, and sometimes no jammies. I just feel at 4 months they should still be pretty content and not move all night...but not our little man. He's a mover and a shaker!
It's funny as I'm posting this, Turner is still sound asleep at 8:39!!! He NEVER sleeps this late...and if you remember from a previous post him sleeping through two parties..we again needed to be somewhere at 8:00 and then 9:15 for his shots and he's still asleep. This is why I picked a pediatrician close to the house

We had our friends Karen and Jevin over. It was so fun to hang out with them. Jevin is 2 weeks older than Turner.
What was funny was I placed Turner on his tummy for some reason. As I was doing this, I told Karen that he's only rolled over once and just won't do know what he did. Right when he was on his tummy he rolled over effortlessly like he does it every day... :) He now rolls over everytime he's on his belly! Yeah!
They are so cute! I felt good when I saw Jevin with socks on. Many are always asking me why I have socks on Turner in the dead of summer, but Karen and I know--their tosies get cold!

Camouflage photoshoot:

He's saying : Mommy I don't want to go kill those ducks! I don't want to go kill those ducks!

That's all folks!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Turner is Four Months old!

Happy 4 months to me!
Ok...I get it now. When they say they grow up too fast, it's so true. I can't believe he is already 4 months old! I had a twinge of sadness because he was able to have rice cereal! I didn't think I would be that type of mother who would be emotional with each new phase, but I am. It may be the timing knowing I'm going back to work very soon, but it's true! They truly grow up way too fast!
He had a wonderful birthday! I let him invite a friend over to celebrate his birthday and we had the grandparents over for pizza and a little rice cereal fun.

This is one of my former students, Kaylee. She was so sweet and joined in on his birthday song and played with Turner to celebrate his 4 months!

Some pictures from his 4 month day!
This one melts my heart. I was unsure if Turner would be a 'cuddler' or not...but HE IS!! I LOVE it when he first wakes up and all he wants to do is cuddle on my shoulder and listen to me read him a story.
Having fun with daddy!
I am in LOVE with his feet! I take pictures of them all the time. (Teresa, just read your blog! We both love feet!)

We were told to start introducing rice cereal! The Hill family gave Turner a cute bag with everything he needs to begin his rice cereal adventure.
All I've been hearing since his birth is 'he's going to LOVE his rice cereal' (And as all of us know, we've been depriving our children of rice cereal way too long according to grandparents :).
Well...Turner is not liking it too much...please review:

I put on these massive bibs that were more in the way than helpful..:) one he did not like it a bit! We then had Shugie, Grandmama and Grandpapa over so they could witness the rice cereal moment:
MMM...I LOVE rice cereal. PLEASE give me more!
Mommy will make you feel better :)
Good job team!
I have been told so many things with rice cereal: put it in the bottle, don't use water-use water, mix honey in it, make it thicker/thinner, put apple sauce, bananas and the list goes on. In my mind..I just imagined-4 months and he would LOVE rice cereal! Ha! We may begin to use the list of possibilities!

One thing I KNOW he loves (besides his momma:) is his milk! He drinks from the bottle perfectly, so I know the transition when I go back to work will not be a problem. Again, I didn't think I would, but I am really going to miss those feedings :(. I know you are saying I can still feed him before I go to work...but I can't..he nurses SO long, I would never make it!
Shugie spending some time with Turner after his bottle. She got him laughing really loud while hanging out!
Moppy visited and hung out with Turner while I went and saw Beauty and the Beast. I cry every time at that show, but this time I teared up because the little boy who played Chip was so adorable! It made me think how Turner one day will play Chip!
Moppy witnessed another attempt with rice cereal...again not too impressed with it.
She put a little dab on her finger and he did take a few swallows, but then realized what we were doing and the wailing began!

A little stroll around the neighborhood! :)
I've been wanting to take Turner on strolls around the neighborhood, but as you know where we live is not appropriate for a 'stroll' it would be more of a 'roll' down the hill. Addison told me to stroll him down the driveway and I can hardly walk up and down the hill on my own.. We just went round and round the driveway! Turner didn't care and I enjoyed it being close to home since I started sweating 5 minutes into it.
It's been a great four months! He is becoming Turner!
My new favorite thing he does is 'taps' his fingernails on any surface as if we are boring him. It's too cute! It's not so cute when he does it on the plastic saucer toy-hurts my teeth! The rice cereal transition has been so fun! I am ready or it to cool off. It's just been too hot to take him anywhere! Ready for fall!