Monday, March 29, 2010

Relaxation...and some waiting!

I had the most relaxing spring break and will cherish it forever because I know I will never have one like it! It was really weird waking up today and not getting ready for work. I have my appointment today so hopefully we will get some news on when we are going to meet Turner. I got to catch up with some great friends and their babies over the break and did some cleaning/organizing around the house.

This is Ms. Berkley, my friend Katey's sweet girl. She was so sweet and wanted to cuddle!

Mr. Blake! He is getting so big! He fired me from trying to give him a bottle, Mommy Jenny had to take over. I couldn't get him comfortable around the belly.

Me and Marcy! One last preggo picture before Turner arrives! I'm so excited Campbell and Turner will be a little over a month apart! So excited!

Decorated Turner's bathroom. I did it very quickly. All I did was buy a shower curtain, hung some towel holders, and bought a towel to match. :) I wanted something boyish but not babyish. I love the print and it matches our walls! It killed a few hours yesterday.

Monday, March 22, 2010

SpRiNg BrEaK 2010! Woo hoo!

Spring break is here! It may not be the craziest one like a trip to Panama or something :), but it's a great week! I am happy to say I don't have to go back to work until August, spending some quiet days with PoPo, Quicken, and Addison, relaxing watching tv and reading, and celebrating some wonderful birthdays this week-Natalie's 21st birthday on Thursday and Cameron's 29th birthday on Sunday. I won't be able to bar hop with Nat, but I'll make it up to her this summer when someone wants to babysit Turner! :) I told Marcy if Turner is not here by Sunday (Cam's birthday) I may do a keg stand at the baseball game to get him going! I am savoring everyday I wake up because I know it won't be this calm and quiet around here and I'm also savoring every kick and gurgle from Turner because I know he will be out soon! We can't wait. Here are a few pictures from our snow-in the past few days. It was great to have two days of being stuck and us spending time together. I cooked, cleaned, and just relaxed. I am still doing that today, but Addison had to go to work :) Our driveway is still slick so I may not be able to get out again today. Happy Spring Break!

PoPo getting those last minute one-on-one time before he is stuck on the floor FOREVER. Poor guy..

PoPo was talking with Turner on how he will be the best big brother and won't hurt him.....yeah... I love it because Turner is kicking this whole time and it doesn't phase PoPo.

Addison made a mini snowman for Turner since he wasn't here for the third big snow. Three big snows we could have been sledding and wasn't able to slide!
Took this so Turner can see what was going on the week before he was due! I SOO wanted to slide down in hopes it would motivate, but I resisted!

Addison and I keep talking about how excited Turner is going to be to look outside to our world of nature. Many times throughout the week during certain times of the year 6-8 deer stand in our front yard just hanging out. We have birds and squirrel that he will love to look out the window and gaze upon.

Just chilling on the couch together for those last quiet days. Addison was sweet and played FRIENDS scene it with me. We love just hanging out on the couch together. As you can see, PoPo on the recliner enjoying his alone time. He's pathetic.

Monday, March 15, 2010

It's Turner Time!

38 weeks and ready for Turner! Instead of stork, it's a hummingbird bringing Turner! :)

Well! It could happen at any moment. I'm getting excited and like every pregnant woman for nine months, ready! I'm not ready because I'm miserable or uncomforable, I'm just ready to meet our little guy! These past months have been a true blessing and whirlwind. I truly cannot believe it's time. It has flown by with nothing but wonderful memories! We have been so grateful to be surrounded by so many family and friends who truly show us unconditional love each day. I can't wait for Turner to meet all these wonderful people! I was thinking the other day about everything I will miss about pregnancy and what I won't miss. As I was journaling, I didn't really have that many on either side. I feel God gave me this time to cherish and I soaked in every moment. (I do feel like I slept half my pregnancy, but oh well!) I have been truly blessed to have such a wonderful pregnancy (I know it's not over yet, so I shouldn't speak too soon!:) I have had many funny memories that I look back on and smile. Addison says I need to write a book about my pregnancy,...we may think they are funny, great memories but to others it's just a typical day for any preggo. Today a student asked me if PoPo lays on my belly--it was so cute! And yes he does. PoPo has been great and only chewed up one of Turner's toy so far--I bawled for the maybe 3rd time since I've been pregnant, but he was sorry for what he did. Qucken just loves to sit in Turner's room staring at me. She will be such a good sister! PoPo..we just need to pray..real hard for him.. OR have rotation months on who will keep him! He's a great dog!!
    Addison has been amazing through it all! He even says I have not been that emotional or 'moody' for being pregnant--at least to my face:). I can't believe we have been a family of 4 (PoPo and Quicken) and we are now about to become a family of five! (or to normal people 3:). We have been together for 8 years this June and I can't wait to start this new journey with him! We are going to have so much fun!!! We've already talked about all the places we want to take Turner and then those simple days of going out fishing on a Sunday afternoon. We already know he will help Turner in Math and Science, and I will help him in organization, writing, grammar, spelling and READING!
   We are now just waiting for what's yet to come. I pray to God Turner will simply be a healthy baby boy who will have the world waiting for him to start his journey!

Wanted a picture with my other babies before the 'real' baby comes.

Michelle and Shannon from work hosted a Book shower for me and Addison. The best thing was it was at the Wine Cellar!! I can't wait to visit there real soon.

Virginia and Katie from work!

I officially have four more days of work. I can't believe I don't go back until August!! I have the best work family and GREATEST kids. So excited! Work is my home away from home and I will miss it BUT BUT I will cherish every second I have with Turner.
 I am truly blessed my mom is watching him when I return from work. I thank her every day because it is truly a blessing she is doing this!! I think she will have her hands more full with trying to handle Quicken and PoPo than Turner. She is so wonderful for doing this! I love you mom!!
Alright's time for you to make your debut!!

Mom and Dad

Monday, March 8, 2010

Room Update!

Lydia and Sonya have been my interior decorators for Turner's WONDERFUL room! We are going to finish it up this weekend, but here's some previews. I am SO SO SO happy with his room. I seriously go in there everyday and just look around, sit in the chair, play with his clothes. I started playing with his shelves, but know they can look cuter. I need some more 'cute' stuffed animals. I just can't wait!!

Lydia is available for any rooms to decorate! She has that keen eye needed. :) Love you Lydia!

I have decided on this to bring Turner home. It says 'Brand New' on it. The blanket was made by my grandma.

Lydia made the signs. They look so good!

This is the quilt my grandma made for Turner to always remember what his baby room looked like.

The frames were all Lydia and Sonya. I did have this as a vision, but they made it happen and look 10 times better.

Friday, March 5, 2010

What great memories!

I've been so crazy busy lately I haven't had time to post and I also have been dreading sitting at the computer. It's been couch time with feet up many nights. (so I apologize for bad editing and lack of detail)
I have had such an amazing three weeks! I truly thank God for all the wonderful people he has placed in my life. There have been times the last three weeks I simply have just stopped and was in awe by all the amazing family and friends we have. Turner is going to be such a lucky little man and I'm so happy to be bringing him into this world surrounded by such love!
 We have had four amazing showers the past three weeks. My girlfriends did such a wonderful job for Turner's shower. The food and decorations were amazing! Thank you Marcy, Jenny, Katey, and Rachel for being so great to us! They had the best idea! Each person gave me advice on a diaper. What I love is how in the wee hours of the night I'm going to look forward to putting a diaper on Turner because I get to read some advice! Great idea! You can tell by the pictures how wonderful it all was.

Marcy is quite creative! The diaper cake was adorable! I love the diaper wreath with his name cut out! She also made me THE CUTEST burp cloths. I don't have pics yet, but lets just say it includes daschunds.

Rachel handmade the cupcake toppers and cake plates. She also made the cutest frame for Turner's room. It's perfect!

Family and friends! love them!

My school and church shower were great! I got the cutest onesies that Turner will look adorable in!

My girls! They treat me so well and can't wait to be Grandmas! Jan did such cute decorations and Gail made wonderful punch!

I seriously have the best people to work for. We have too much fun at our job!

Charity got me the cutest onesies. Love this one! You can tell how exhausted I was. My eyes could barely stay open. The play is over with now, so that is all behind me!

Church shower:
Nanny made Turner this toy.

Natalie was sweet and wrote down all the gifts.

(looks like mom and I were rooting for a girl!:)

and then a typical Katy story! ......

So after all our showers Addison and I were curious because we still hadn't recieved our stroller/carseat/pack-n-play. I checked the registry and it said it was fulfilled. The mystery began. We couldn't figure it out, so I even called Target to complain. They said that someone could of accidently bought it off of yours and gave it to someone else. IT kind of became a joke on how we can have Turner they just won't let us leave the hospital! Addison and I were even going to go buy both of them this weekend.
Well, that sounds about right for us. Little did I know.....
A few weeks ago my parents and students started planning a surprise baby shower for us. This morning we planned on going to the cafeteria to work on the Inventor speeches. I stopped by the office to get a drink and talked to some people. I just happen to be the last person down there. All of a sudden I hear 100 surprises. I burst out in tears. I could not believe it. They had Rick's sugar cookies, sprite, a mini cake and of course... our stroller, car seat, and pack-n-play. I was so shocked! They kids were so cute that even many, many of them wore blue. (I had pink on of course :) They laughed! I simply love my job, students, and parents.

I am starting to get uncomfortable sitting in the chair, so more to come later! I can't tell you how much this all means to us. I can't wait to meet our little guy!!! Getting VERY excited!!