Saturday, February 26, 2011

Mums the Word

Sad faces this week...He didn't crack many smiles this week. I'm not sure what was up! He is going through a bad phase of wanting me, me, me every second of the evening right when I get home. I eat it up because of not being with him all day! It's hard when I leave though and he's doing his whisper cry.

But..he then moves on

Goes anywhere except where all his toys are to play
Likes to take his breaks to compose himself before venturing to something else
Loves his Elephant! I'm so glad my parents told me to buy this for him when he was a wee little baby! It is the best thing!
Uncle Aaron is back and loves to hang with Turner. He takes him in the woods on nature walks, gobbles for him, and one day will teach Tman how to play the guitar!

I bought him Mums to munch on. He seems to enjoy them...loves giving them to PoPo more so.
Speaking of Mum..I would love if he called me Mum! But we will see. :)
It cracked me up! This morning he was crawling around with this in his mouth. If he dropped it, he would stop, sit up, put it back in his mouth and keep a crawling. Made me smile at 7:30 am.
Catching a hunting show with Daddy

Gym Birthday party!
Cedar celebrated his 1st Birthday with all his friends. Tman enjoyed popping the bubbles they blew one by one with his little finger! Happy 1st Birthday Cedar!
Campbell, Turner, and Cedar celebrating!

Then we went swimming for another birthday celebration! A friend had her little girl's 3rd Birthday! I was excited to get Turner in the pool since he hasn't been since summer. Well...we can X out not only the Boingo Bounce for  playtime fun..but the pool as well. :) He was not so splish splashin' like he is in his baths.
 Marcy prepared me with a swimmer and shorts for him!
 Daddy took him for a dip..he didn't 'dip' much..just clinged to Addison with his soft cries echoing throughout the pool.

Birthday girl, Ava, celebrating with a dip with Daddy!

Jackson had a blast! He is a little fish!
 Still wanting out...

 The little fishers all having pool time fun!
Tman wanting out....
 He loved being wrapped up and watching everyone swim...or just being wrapped up out of the pool. This is such a great idea for birthdays! All the kids loved swimming (except for Turner out of 20 or so kids :)!
 He then decided to milk it....
 Poor Turner... :)

He had a great week! Grandmama took him to the library with Campbell and Marcy. It was a busy week for Momma, so I'm glad to have the weekend to catch up with my little man!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

REALLY Ten Months old..

So...since the ice was hanging from all his fun toys outside..I decided to have some fun inside during the captivity snow week two...
 I love how he loves to play in his room. It's so cute to walk in his room and he has all his toys out and playing with them all. He goes to this corner many times throughout the day.

 He's staring at his shoes because of how badly he wants to go outside and play....
 so..Momma has a plan! Photoshoot with his favorite books! I wanted to capture what his favorite books have been lately because I thought it would be something fun he would want to look back the past he would sit and sit for a long time and let me do whatever...well what idea I had in my mind did not turn out because I forgot Turner is ten months old and he doesn't understand the concept behind 'capturing the memories' :)
 I staged this because I thought he could sit in his chair and one by one I could take ONE picture of him looking at his favorite book so I then can have it for his memories..well..
He decided he wanted to focus on his Aveeno lotion instead...Did not want to sit in the chair..knocked down all the books on one side...(all in about ten seconds so far)
 Then scooted down off the chair..I decided  we will do some floor shots of him looking at his books..
 Aveeno books..
 With his famous one finger point..pointed to the monkey
 His favorite song..(Snuggle Puppy will be a blog all in itself) so I was happy with this memory shot.
Loves the touch and feel board books...
 Holding up the book and reading it to me... (Did this on his own..not staged-:)!
(Again..about 1.5 in the shoot now...) I'm sweating..still many books to get go.....
 Proceeds to the wall...

He's looking at me like..What are you wanting me to do, Mom?? As I kept saying..just come over here Turner and look through your fun books!:)

 Mommy..I hope you learned your lesson.
(None of the books right side up so I could get the 'cover' shot...)
I was laughing through all of this because my favorite book memories turned into what real life is like memories for Tman at 10 1/2 months old!

Will you be Mine?

I LOVE Valentine's Day! I even give my students Valentine day cards and treats even though they are in middle school because it's the one day I wish I worked in elementary school with all the fun parties! I still remember all the Valentine Days I would wake up and my mom had a whole breakfast table filled with Valentine's Day fun! 
 I was a little sad that I had to work on Valentine's Day, BUT I just had fun a day early with Tman. I did a red theme! I got all his toys and blankets that were red and made a display. We then played with it all. I made some ..oh excuse me..TURNER made some Valentine's Day cards for his sweethearts.. I got him an Elmo book My Fuzzy Valentine about his Mommy being his Valentine. We sang Valentine Day songs and took lots of pictures!

 Valentine's Day with his Aunt Natalie!! He was excited with the day she had planned for him. She took him to the library for a Valentine's date with Ms. Campbell. He loved watching all the people...singing the songs and being with his friends! His true Valentines!
I love you Aunt Nat..
 Shugie and Natalie took him to the mall to buy him some cute Puma's for Valentine's Day! He's saying WOW! These shoes are so comfy! Thanks, Shugie!
 Aunt Natalie bought him this giant frog balloon! He loves hitting it and watching it come back to him. The simple things in life :)
 Turner and Campbell exchanging Valentines at the library. They got Turner a cute playskool tractor! Campbells heart goes vroom vroom for Tman! (I don't know what a tractor sound is..chug?)
 Playing with the tamborine!
 Campbell showing off the Valentine's card Turner 'made' for her.
 The fun didn't stop there! We got a cute Elmo card in the mail from Shugie-she knows how much he loves Elmo! Aunt Roni got him a card and some money to go spend on himself! Grandmama got him a fishin' Valentine's day card a drum for him to 'beat' like his heart 'beats' for Grandmama! Turner had a wonderful 1st Valentine's Day.

Happy 1st Valentine's Day!

Update through pics

He gets into everything..
Turner turns 11 months at the end of this Just this week I ran into a parent from last year at school. She asked how old is Turner now..I hesitated and said he will be ten months in a few weeks. My friend whispered over..he will be 11 months.. 1. It's sad I'm the mother who can't remember how old my own child is..but in my defense..I have to stop because I truly think I should only be saying six months at the least..BECAUSE IT FLIES BY! 2. It's been a long week..:)

 He loves to crawl around and play..bang anything together..
 Loves to follow Mommy wherever she goes..even if I won't let him in! :) It was my alone time (trying to work on his scrapbook)..and Addison sent me this picture of what he was doing. As you know, I quit what I was doing to go hang out with Turner because he wouldn't hang out with his daddy :). I've alone time for a Mommy...never..
 Proud Momma! Loves to read..and most of the time he grabs the books himself..I don't 'force' it upon him :)
 Again, hanging from my pant leg while I was trying to he just graded with me. They all got As!
 A little red and a lot of blue!
 Why go to Toys R Us?..we use anything in the house.

He was showing me his tricks on his Jumparoo..funny because I stated he looks like he's pole dancing!:)
 Chubby cheeks for the both of us!
 Loves to dress like his daddy
 Goes to Grandmama's to swing! swing! swing!
 (Yes..Arkansas weather-swinging one day..snowman the next) buried in his car seat as we venture home during the snow storm.
 He only stops to watch TV right when Ellen comes on and as she dances..after that he never seems to care whats on TV...and Grandmama has it on the kid music channel all day except for Ellen (bc I record it) for him to learn all the hip kid songs!
 New thing...kissing anything he can plant his face to..

 Having fun with his girlfriend! They are so funny to watch..taking stuff from each other..falling on top of each's so funny!
 Must carry something in his hand when he's crawling around...
 Has started to walk with the Radio Flyer & pulling up on it himself..

 Sadly, this was Mommy's alone time shoveling the snow after being inside for four days. RIGHT when Addison got home from MIAMI, I grabbed the shovel and told him I'll do it! I just wanted to move around and be outside..Addison took this picture..Tman would not leave the door :)
Met our new friend Ava! Wes and Hayley have a beautiful baby girl! Precious!

 His hair is still fun to mess with :). I thought this was a cute new do.
 He didn't like this one as much...only a picture a mother would love. :)
 He's afraid of a lot.. :) We are at the car wash..and he gets a little upset when we are washing the car :)
 But smiles is what he does best!
 Shopping at Academy with Daddy..had to wear his camo hat.
Needless to say, like my friend who has a baby two weeks older stated...he's not a baby anymore..he's turning into ALL boy..He is determined to find something he shouldn't touch..crawl exactly where he shouldn't ...huff..puff..and look at you with his crazy eye if something isn't going the way he planned...but it's all too much fun not to laugh at!
..(oh! said momma on Saturday--in honor of me seeing Mamma Mia that day- Loves Broadway, too!)