Sunday, January 30, 2011

Ten Times the Fun!

Happy Ten Months!
 Celebrated Aunt Roni's Birthday!
 Loves to wear his hat just like Daddy!
 We don't feel a need to brush his hair..until after I look at his pictures and realize I should have..

 Classic Seifritz kid..camo hat and duck call in one hand! Go Turner!
 Asking Daddy to blow the duck call

 Mom..this is guy time..we don't take pictures during guy time.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Snow Day 2011

Having two extra days off is way different now then it was last year at this time. On snow days, I'm the dork and play catch up for work. I catch up on all my grading, lesson plans, and have everything ready to go! It's not like that anymore. I get it out on the snow days...but then the day is over, but I love being able to have these days with Turner. (I know you are saying--quit blogging and go grade! It's not that takes many hours to grade and I get no joy out of that, however it takes 20 minutes to blog and I get the sense of accomplishment on my scrapbooking, so I am going to pick blogging! :)

We had a very low key snow day. It consisted of bundling him up and taking him outside to see the snow for about 10 minutes. He seemed to be in shock on what was around him. He just 'froze'  in amazement over everything being so white, quiet and quite cold! He did touch it with one finger, but that was about it. Daddy went for a ride down the hill! I can just picture how it will be next year. I was shocked Addison didn't grab Turner and go down it this year! We did get out a bit and had a playdate with Campbell and Jackson. I'll let the pictures speak when I birthday party at Boingo Bounce for quite awhile! Other than that, we just hung around the house! Snow day is when I'm glad Addison works from home, so we can see more of each other.

Waiting for his food. He won't eat his rice cereal for anyone but we waste most of it. He is so funny when he doesn't like something, he seeps it out of his boyish!

 I am a baby when it comes to being cold and not having gloves on. I kept telling Turner to hurry up and touch it because Momma is cold. We went in shortly after.

Couch time with Daddy!
 Again, I don't know if all babies do this...but Turner seems that tickle feeling where he is churning in the stomach and gasping for laughs...and yes we tickle him still! He laughs so hard and tries to wiggle away. I'll be curious to see how ticklish he is when he's older..and it's only in certain spots.
Turner wants to suck your blood! He has the fangs and the top middle are just on the edge of popping. We see them all white and pearly..but just won't 'pop'

 Popo won't budge..but he's not really giving that 'I love this' feeling either. I mean look at the look he's giving me in the picture sad...
 We then reminisced on all his 'baby' toys. I am still shocked on how much they grow in that first year! I mean, I really thought I had a clue with being around friends with babies and my nieces...but I really didn't. I just can't believe he turns ten months next week...and doing all this stuff!
It really does amaze me...
 Grandpa T socks in action!
 Doesn't just sit on the inside anymore...he now pulls himself up and walks along the side of his saucer (if that's even the name for it..)
 ...under it..
 'Pucker, Pucker, Peanut Butter'
I kow you don't pucker when you eat peanut butter...but he laughs when I say it. :) He does so much with his mouth...puckering up is so funny. He gets these big eyes and puckers!
Jackson is so sweet. He crawled up in my lap next to Turner because Turner was not budging with the bounce house 2 feet away. He was giving Tman kisses and tickling him.

My favorite picture. Not only you get Jackson doing flips in the background showing how much fun it is, but  Campbell is trying to talk Turner into coming in there to play. I promise Tman, it's a lot of fun... no such luck..
He would clinch to me and shake his head..and whine. I did put him in there..(Marcy witnessed) but he just sat and cried... I think what scared him was the blower being loud and right when we got there we went up to the movie room without him realizing we were at the Hill's. or not:) A Boingo Bounce trial and run will be in our near future before any big parties are had there. :)

He then made us all go back downstairs to play in his comfort zone :) He still had this look of panic the entire time.
Playing house..
Campbell answering the door!

Jackson and Turner having a discussion about their favorite kind of cake. It was funny. Marcy sat Turner on that chair..and that's what he did..just sat there..didn't move a muscle. :) That's why I call him Grandpa T!

Dory was visiting from Italy. She's getting the baby fever and loved holding all the babies! Turner was going for all her jewelry! Rachel and I both had none of that on..long gone.

Whenever Kinley would go walking towards Tman, he would get big grins and reach for her. He was flirting. When I put him on the ground, he started jumping up and down in front of her. I love watching babies interact.

 Mary Ford getting some Turner Time! He was all smiles whenever she would talk to him.

The tongue hanging out...
I think he's taking up after the last few weeks he pants a lot with his tongue hanging out..and then just leaves his tongue out while playing. He's looking at Kinley! She is a doll, so why wouldn't he be flirting?!

Will there be a snow day again, Momma??

Monday, January 17, 2011

Visit to Centerton!

We visited Moppy & Poppy on Sunday. It was a pretty day and loved having Aunt Lydia and Caul join! Turner looks forward to his Sundays because Aunt Lydia comes to visit! He always has something new to show her and can't wait to get the call that she's on her way. I love having my time with Lydia, too!

 Jere and Turner look very similar!..and no I do not curl Turner's hair.
 When Tman gets to a new place, it takes him a second to get into his groove...he usually stares off into the distance and doesn't crack a smile. Moppy was helping him feel at home..He hasn't been up to Centerton in quite some time, so I was excited for him to go!

 Lydia was teaching Turner how to high-five

 Turner seeing a cute lab puppy

 He crawled...he scooted...and found a basket he just had to carry around!
 He loves his Moppy & Poppy!
This is his poop face...oh the pictures I take of him... I think I need more hobbies :)
 Drooling on the chin just a bit

we went and saw our best friends today! It's crazy how after Christmas the time flies. We haven't seen Jackson or Campbell since before Christmas. They had so much fun. Turner loved playing with all of C's toys. Jackson shared his phone with them..and they just took it from each other ..back and forth...too fun!