Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Cousin Sleepover

Sunday night I had a sleepover with Kaitlyn, Kyleigh, Grandmama, and of course Turner! I got the girls tshirts and cute iron on characters for Christmas. I told them at Christmas we would have a sleepover Sunday night and make our shirts. They were so excited! The next day, Kaitlyn already had a pile of stuff she was wanting to bring with her...easy bake oven, scrapbook, frog slippers, and the snuggies. She kept showing me what she was bringing to the sleepover. I love my girls and had so much fun with them!! Turner was a trooper! We kicked Addison out of the house after he brought us tacos. He really planned on staying, but both girls wanted to sleep with me and Grandmama got the back bed..so it was either the couch or Aaron's bed since he was out of town!

Turner showing the girls all his new toys. The look of excitement is in his eyes for the nights festivities!
Roni got all three of them snuggies for Christmas. It was a great gift and will be used a lot!

They  LOVE their cousin! I never would have imagined them being so involved with Turner, but they are. Kaitlyn especially wants to spend as many waking hours with him as possible. She even was striking a conversation with me that made me think she really wanted to take him to Dallas and not return him. :)
Showing Turnerhow to play his Singamajigs Aunt Natalie got him
Grandmama joined in on the fun! They love their grandmama!

We played on the Wii Dance..
they both were really good dancers!
Turner showing Grandmama the new fun toy Shugie got him to play with. (Look Grandmama, I can push this button for hours and love it! We will have so much fun when Mommy returns to work!)
Had a little modeling photoshoot in front of the tree.
Played fun games on the Ipad.

Played with Turner :).

Baby naked time! This is what we do before Tman gets a bath. He loves it and giggles up a storm! Kaitlyn was helping.

Kyleigh got the Barbies ready because we were going to play that as well.
Group bedtime hug!
Kyleigh's bedtime hug.

Kaitlyn's bedtime hug...they LOVE to give hugs :).

After Turner went to bed the party really started!  We played a board game about manners. The girls had a lot of fun saying please and thank you. We then played Disney Scene It. I was pretty good at that! (That's what we are doing in the picture above) Then they never have seen Enchanted! My FaVORITE! They loved it, but we didn't watch the end because of the witch, so we saved that for morning.....while we watched this Grandmama made the shirts. We then went off to bed!

Morning Time! Guess who was the first one up?!? :) Tman!
Tman joined us for the morning watch of Enchanted. The girls loved it so much I let them take it home so they can watch it over and over--your welcome, Jeff!
Tman realizes it's a 'girlie' movie, so he is getting bored...so we move on to...
Playing Barbies! We were all sorority sisters and getting ready for the big dance. I was Skipper, Kaitlyn was Cheerleader Barbie, Kyleigh was Cinderella Barbie, and Grandmama was Pink FooFoo Barbie ...Tman played Ken of course!

We then headed to ChuckECheese..I was very hesitant on going..and it probably would have been best to have stayed home, but I really wanted to spend more time with the girls and we always go to ChuckECheese.
Grandpapa took Tman around to see the place. I walked around with the girls and complained a lot. :) It was WAY TOO loud..I won't go into it, but I complained and will keep doing so. A grandma next to us comes regularly and brings earplugs because she knows how loud it is...yeah that's real safe..Granny wearing earplugs but is to be watching her grandchildren.

It was a lot of fun for the girls!
Tman came home and told Daddy he wanted a pony!

The sleepover was so much fun! Kaitlyn said the next time they are in we are going to have TWO nights of sleepovers! I am already picking out the movie and new Barbie for another great adventure! These girls are so fun and I love spending time with them when they are in town. Between Turner's naps, he does too! He loves all the kissses and hugs...many kisses and hugs..many! They love their cousin!

Santa is Here!

The kids stockings full of goodies!
 I 'sewed'the names this year.

 Waiting for Santa...no milk this year....
 The little tree was Grandma Helen's. I decided to put that out closed and then Santa will open it to show he was here! A tradition I want to start with Tman.
So..we have a Cookie for Santa (Melano..only the best for Santa) Marshmallows for the Reindeer and a pretzel stick for ...really I don't know who..an elf maybe??
 Santa came!! He wrote a letter to Turner and placed it in a frame..and then some goodies.
Rudolph (see the red around a marshmallow) took a BIG bite out of his marshmallow!
The note read:
Dear Turner,
Merry 1st Christmas! I look forward to many years of seeing the smile on your face Christmas morning. Be sure to always stay on my good list! Ho! Ho! :) SANTA.
 He was so happy to see that Santa came this year!
I didn't start all the traditions I wanted since Turner was only 9 months old, but I can't wait until next year to see him put out milk and cookies for Santa and wake up the next morning. He will be almost two (3 months shy), so I'm curious to see how he acts. This year 'Santa' didn't make it to our house until Christmas Day night around 7:00. Mommy and Daddy will have to be on the ball next year! Addison questioned my plate of goodies when I showed him what I did. He was questioning how the reindeer got in the house to eat the marshmallows..I said Santa walked them outside to let them munch on while Santa filled the stockings... Why would Santa put them back on the plate? Where did these presents come from? (The ones next to the plate of cookies) Aunt Roni gave them to me...I REALLY hope Turner gets this inquisitive state of mind at a young age :)
...as you all know..we did do one thing Christmas Day...
wore our matching PJs! :)

Christmas Day

He loves his Aunt Natalie!
 Aunt Natalie & Aunt Lydia wishing Turner a Merry Christmas!
 The Aunts keeping Turner in check with his PJs.

 I love my new toy, Shugie! Thank you.

 He loves his new socks!....
 and all the bows :)!

 I can't wait for you to open your gift from me, Shugie! :)
 Helping Shugie open presents!
 The 'zone' look. He was going down...
 Natalie got us all tshirts with Jere's logo for his dog training business. It was such a great idea! (Even more special because that's our Quicken! We missed her so much this Christmas)

 Giving Turner his bottle while we play 'the glove' game!
 Shugie won last year, so she was in charge of getting a gift and wrapping. It's always comical to see everyone work so hard. 'You're done!' if we rolled doubles :)
 Aunt Lydia won! A perfect person to win that! Looking forward to what it is next year, Lydia!
 Turner woke up from his nap ready to play!

 Merry Christmas!

 Turner's new stocking at Shugies. I love it. Looks like Layla and Quicken playing in the snow!

 Typical. All the toys to play with and he wants to play in the laundry basket. I loved it. Aunt Natalie said there was a bunch of glitter on the bottom of the basket, so she placed my coat down so Tman wouldn't get glitter all over him. :) Always looking out for the little guy!
Wonderful first Christmas! He had so much fun being passed around and having a 'few' pictures taken of him with family. We can't wait until Shugies' house is full of his little cousins running around, ripping presents open, and then heading towards the laundry basket to play! It will be a house FULL of good times!

Getting ready to go out into the cold Christmas air :)...

Before we went home, we went and visited Nanny to wish her a Merry Christmas! We weren't able to stay long because Turner was WAY past being 'fun'. She got him a glowworm--I was so excited because they are so cute and I loved mine growing up. We are having a special Christmas lunch this week with her.