Sunday, March 20, 2011

Duck Watchin' is Serious Business!

Grandmama has been taking him to feed the ducks down at the pond about two-three times a week. She says he gets real serious and just stares them down and follows their every move. He stays very still except for throwing their duck food. Daddy is happy he already knows the proper way to act when hanging with the ducks :).

 They also go to the library or Barnes & Noble

 We had our family and Turner's one year pictures taken last week. I really wanted it to be about pictures of him, but he was not sure of the new surroundings, so there were more family shots. Brandy got some great shots and I can't wait to blow one up for the playroom!

 Happy St. Patrick's Day!
 It was funny because it's like he knew something happened with this day because he kept biting his sleeve or himself..I tried to tell him it's pinching others, not biting yourself. I love this outfit (thanks to Marcy on the cute pants!) He has very little 12 month clothes, so Marcy gave us some of Jackson's and they are all too cute.

 PoPo once in awhile is very sweet and approaches Turner to cuddle. Turner just 'pats' him and laughs at PoPo. They are so cute!
 He again carrying around everything in his hands. He was standing up on this chair holding onto nothing for a second! He's getting a little too adventurous for my liking. He has also picked up a new level to his 'vocals' this week. Addison and I thought he was in real pain one night...but it's just his new way of expressing himself in his laughs and cries. To think six months ago if he cried it was dead silent and now they are a very high pitch, LOUD screech.
 NEW game! He loves being placed in this pack-n-play to play basketball! We throw balls in there to him and he throws them right back. He just laughs and laughs! He will then sit in there and play with his toys while listening to his CD player. Track 2 is his favorite-Winnie the Pooh.

 This has been his new move for the week..he almost looks like he's about to lead into a headstand, but I think he's curious on what's under his legs!
 He loves his baby naked time, still! It's amazing what changes each week, so you really don't know what he will love or hate. I stripped him down Friday night because he was crying so hard and he usually doesn't just 'cry' and I was getting a little concerned. He finally stopped after I took off his clothes... He is starting to pop in some teeth, so I think being naked just took his mind off things. That's when I also learned the new 'vocals'
 Doing this evening exercises before bed. What's cute is Addison does sit-ups and push-ups each day, and I think he's wanting to be like his daddy! :)
Addison sent me this picture after his bath. He loves his hair!

 Poor Addison really wanted a picture with Turner to have on his phone, but Turner kept squirming and whining to come to me. Daddy ended up having a picture of his two favorite people :).
 Swinging at Grandmama's! Today was Turner's 1st time in the nursery without me. We were 15 minutes late because his morning nap ends right when church begins. I then had to hang out in there for about 20 minutes because he was not letting me go and I could tell he was not going to just 'go with the flow'. Overall, he did fairly well. There was only one other little girl in there, so it wasn't too much going on.
 When I found the rocking horse for him  was when I 'made my move'. He's looking at the lady saying I don't know about you. He did have his little shaker with him, so that kept him happy. He did cry some while I was gone and started bawling when I showed up. I was happy with the 20 minutes he did on his own for the first time EVER to be with strangers.
 We celebrated by going out to eat with Grandmama and playing on her swing for awhile! This is him playing peek-a-boo. If you go 'where's Turner?' He will take it away from his face, smile and then put it back. He'll do this over and over again.

Beautiful weather!
Beautiful week!
Ready for his little toes to see more sunshine and green grass!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Soak of the Cheerio..Clap of the Hand

My little Tman is becoming a little boy!
Dannis and Aaron stopped by to play with Turner for a bit. He loves to show off now for people. It's really cute to see how he tries to 'impress'.
Playing with his wagon full of books!
We loved playing during the beautiful weather. I think I'm getting the spring break itch..because I usually stay up at work until 5:00, so I get everything done from that day..but I've been rushing out before 4:00 to come home & hang with Turner.
He loves to giggle and clap his hands. He imitates movements and noises we make to a 'T'!
Clap, Clap, Clap!
He was loving this windy day. He would just stop and stare at the trees and grass. Of course, his hair still blowing in the wind.
I know everyone is saying..well I guess I will get Turner clothes for his birthday since he only wears one shirt and one pair of pants..but I LOVE this shirt we got from one of Sonya's friends & I want him to get to wear it before he grows out of it. Yes..I'm that kind of mom.
He's really clingy to me. And to be honest I don't mind it one bit! I don't smother him, but if he wants his momma, I will let him hang on me. The shrine I have at school of him and as I sit there looking at all the pictures, it just brightens my day knowing Turner loves his momma!
Cheerios in milk! Grandmama spoils Turner and he loves it. After he has his oatmeal, Grandmama warms up some milk and lets the Cheerios soak. He then loves to pick them up one by one and eats them. He then still sips the milk out of the bowl. I don't know where he gets it since Daddy and Mommy shovel  food in seconds, but he uses one finger and picks up one thing at a time...that does great with my patience :)
This is his tray toy. He loves to spin it while he eats. It can look pretty nasty after a long day of eating!
Daddy feeding him oatmeal. He has started this thing with the spoon this week. While I'm feeding him his dinner, he has to hold the spoon and he sure thinks he's doing something with it. I then have to get another spoon because he gets fussy if I try to take the one away he's holding 'feeding' himself. He swirls it around in his food, usually upside down. Sticks it in his mouth and then it always ends up on the floor.
We started this Eat.And.Play with friends. Once a month a family hosts a dinner with kiddos to play and eat. It was great because most of the kids have the same bedtime, so we get together around 5:00-6:00 and then home by 7:30. I loved it because I looked forward to it all week when I usually just go home on Friday and play with Turner and go to bed. Turner had fun seeing his girlfriend!
It was such a fun, busy day on Saturday! I was so excited about getting Turner's 1 year pictures done by the wonderful Brandy! Turner was a little clingy with Mommy, so it turned to be more family pictures, but they turned out great! I did match Addison and Turner...taking advantage of it before he can say no :)..because the only other thing they will match  probably will be camo when he's older.
We ate at Ed's on Saturday and he just sat in his highchair and danced to the blues music playing. He really does stop everytime he hears music and claps, dances, or smiles with it! He then spent the majority of the time eating his veggies and staring at the people around him. I hope they don't mind :).
To the park we strolled!! A beautiful day on Saturday! We took him to Walker Park and it was great! They have about three different areas of playground. Turner watched everyone play... he played, too :). 
He loved swinging!

Ritz cracker! I was a rebel this week and gave him a ritz cracker! He turned into this muscle machine and did more smashing it with his hands while they were shaking then eating it.
He stayed the night with Moppy and Poppy Saturday night. He had SO much fun and was a good little boy!! I will be getting pictures from Debbie to post. It makes me so happy that he loves staying the night with Grandparents! They already want him to stay again & Tman is ready!
I was pathetic and took this picture of us on our way up so I could stare at it all night..I know..I know.. but it helped me! :)
I'm soaking in him turning one in two weeks and coming to an end.
Each week I just love capturing his moments. It flies by and this is my time to slow down and reflect on the week. With what's occurring in Japan right now, my heart breaks for all the families who have lost a loved one..and what they must be going through. It makes you stop and really just cherish the soaked cheerio, clap of the hand, and the hug you get every day and night from someone special.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

A Hula Hoop of a Week!

Last Saturday we went and visited Moppy & Poppy up in Centerton. Turner took a late/good nap, so we thought he would stay up a little later for our trip. We had a good hour, but then 7:00 and he was ready for bed! He runs a tight ship, but he had fun showing Moppy & Poppy all his new tricks! He was going to have his first sleepover with them on Friday night, but he got sick ;(. I was so excited for them to want to keep him for the night! We are going to try again in the next couple of weeks. It will look like he's moved in for a year..but like Moppy & Poppy said, "I'm so excited and can't wait!"

 Happy 11 Months to me!
His last month to celebrate, and he didn't get to celebrate on his actual day because there was not a 30! We celebrated on March 1st--it didn't seem to bother him that much :).

Grandmama took him shopping and then we had a picnic when I got home. Grandmama is so much fun! She has found her calling and is wonderful with Turner. Everyday they have something planned and he is learning so much from her.
 She should  have her own blog because with how much time she spends with Tman and what all they do, she would probably have better stories to tell than I would. I love how when I get home, the first thing I do is call my mom to ask what all they did. She has the funniest stories about who she meets, how Turner interacted with someone or something & so forth. (If you know my mom, she has never met a stranger!)

 He is showing me is favorite book while I eat my lunch and his hair blows in the wind.
 BIG bite! Just kidding..he did get some bread though :)
 Then  we went swinging!! He loves his swing and has been staring at it during all these cold months.

 This is one of those things where I'm curious to know if it's 'typical' or just Turner. He loves his shoes and socks. He can have a room filled with toys and he goes straight to his shoes. He then proceeds to put them in his mouth, which last about .5 seconds because all I can think of are all those germs or crawls around with one in his hand!
 He loves baby naked time. This was not really during our usual baby naked time..this was me trying to get his 11 month myself. It didn't go over so well.

 The shoes and now the socks are coming off.
 Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!
We celebrated a day early, but Grandmama took him to Barnes & Noble to buy a new book on Read Across America Day!
 Touch decision on which book to choose..mmm...

 I decided to buy him some hula hoops because I love to hula hoop! He had fun watching them 'roll' down the hall. He liked to shake them, too.

 Trimming his nails have been quite a chore. Daddy can't stand when they get a wee bit long! It's so funny how many comments a week I hear about his nails. He attempts to clip them each day..and then by the end of the week, it's back to the first ones. Vicious cycle.
Daddy was out of town again this week. It makes for rough weeks, but Turner is such a good little guy for me! Shugie and Aunt Lydia hung out with the Tman while I had dinner with Marcy & Rachel for her 30th! Right before Shugie came over Turner slipped and banged his forehead pretty bad! I felt bad, but he was a good boy for them-thank you for watching him! :).
He loves his bath. My mom took these cute pictures of him in his robe. He hasn't been feeling all that hot this week...all weekend he's been fighting a fever. He's been lucky and hasn't gotten sick that much, so when he did Mommy & Daddy were in unknown territory.
Funny story. Aunt Nat watched him on Monday & told me he  had horrible poopies all day. She had to leave to go to a senior education thing. He then had one of his poopies..and it's nothing I've seen. So, as Aunt Nat is trying to concentrate on her education..I'm texting away asking all these questions about his poops..what he he felt..worried Momma here..and..she's so great!

 I did have a moment. Below I made Addison take a picture from Friday night. This was before I was vomited on, but he was bawling and just wanted me. I had momma guilt because I had to work on Saturday, so I again wouldn't be able to be with Turner. Grandmama couldn't stand it either--she came over and checked on him!
Anyways, back to my moment. He then curled up like this and fell asleep. Addison walked over and said, "You need to wake him up so we can feed him. Don't let him fall asleep." I said, "Just a few more minutes. He hasn't slept like this since he was about four months old..and I want to have this time." Of course Addison looked at me..took the picture like I asked because it has been hard lately knowing he's turning one and I just wanted a second like he was a 'baby' again..because like everyone flies by.
 Gobs of drool are coming out of his mouth this more teeth are coming in! He loves this teething sack. I usually put a cold carrot and he just chews away.
 Even though he has been sick and not able to go anywhere this weekend, he's still been all smiles!
Rub-a-dub-dub..3 more weeks and I turn one!