Thursday, April 29, 2010

My favorite little man, Turner!

What a great month! He's loving life and we are loving him! Pictures explain what we've been up to. Nothing too much since he is only 4 weeks old. Just hanging out with family and friends--and me! :)

My favorite picture for the week. I love him!!

Modeling for mommy

visitors! Eliza, Casey, Karen!

His first bath. He was very good and didn't really cry. I love giving him baths.

Soo cold mommy!

Started pumping! He took to the bottle very well.

He likes it better from someone else

Hosted Marcy's shower for Campbell Kate! Turner came later. He was a good boy.

Loves his Aunt Stacie and Aunt Marcy

Having playtime with Grandmama

Wearing jeans for the 1st time ==too big! He still is wearing onesies.

LOVES his PEACE socks

That's all folks!
Love my Turner!!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Week in review!

What a great week! Turner had more visitors to see him. Alicia, Blake and Scott were in from Colorado to see Mr. T. We celebrated Shugie's birthday on Monday. We had to bolt home because mommy forgot a very important element to feed Turner! He went to the Dr and had a great check up. He is in the 70% for his height and 20% for his weight. He is tall and skinny right now! :) Nothing like his momma and daddy! We had some wonderful visitors from Whitney who made him the cutest frame! Cedar and Hilary stopped by! It was great seeing Cedar; he's growing so fast! We went to Grandmama's on Sunday for an outing. His umbilical cord came off this week!! It was exciting. He met his great grandparents from Kansas City this week!  I was able to go to the NWA boutique show for a bit with my mom. Addison and Turner sat in the car 'just in case' it was time for feeding. It's so funny at 2:30 am everything seems to be out of arms reach. I need my water, pillow, or phone and it is just a few inches from me being able to grab it while feeding. I am going to try and get him on a schedule after this week. He had one really bad night of an upset stomach, but other than that, he is just up when he needs to eat. I will say he still doesn't love to sleep by himself....we will be working on that this week.

Turner had yet another great week!
Turner loves Grandmama!
He loves his dog shirts! He is still so tiny he is still wearing his newborn onesies.  He looks like he is about to punch someone or me for taking pictures all the time :)

The popular spring picture my mom loves to take of the kids. He was fussy

After our Dr's visit. He did such a good job!

Grandpapa telling  him all about his fishing weekend with Uncle Beej

Cedar and Hilary came to visit! They are about 8 weeks apart.

Chillin' and lovin' life!

Family dinner with Alicia, Blake, and Scott in town! Blake got a new puppy--he's in love!

Quicken had to be in the picture
My girls came to visit me! It was so great to see them. Jaxton was so bright eyed and Ashlynn loved playing with Quicken!

Turner met his great grandparents from Kansas City- We think his heigth came from Grandpa!

Uncle Adam coming to see the little man!

Sue loved holding him! I miss my girls!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

My Three Men!

We are slowly introducing PoPo to Turner. PoPo is doing WONDERFULLY with everything except his barking. His barking style has changed and it's just more protective. It's not his fault he loves Turner!:) I still make time each day to spend with PoPo. Quicken is just a little mother hen watching over me and Turner. Gotta love her. We can't fit everyone on the couch. :)

Snuggle time in the morning

I love my three bald men! LOVE LOVE this picture!!

Another week has past. It really does fly by! He smiled at me this week AND he LOVES LOVES hearing me sing. :) Of course we all knew he would! Whenever he is getting fussy I sing 'You are My Sunshine' and he just sits and stares at me. We had the photoshoot this week for his newborn pics. 5 hours later... poor Brandy! She was so patient and got incredible shots I will cherish forever!! Thank you Brandy for being patient with my little man! We celebrated Uncle Aaron's birthday at Shugie's house. It was so fun to get him out for a bit! I can't wait until we can travel around--right now I just can't do much. He had slumber parties with his Aunt Nat and Aunt Litz along with Grandmama and Shugie. He loves spending time with everyone!

He looks so good in brown. First day he wore pants! :)
Applaude the small accomplishments.

Went to Shugie's house for Aaron's birthday. He slept the whole animal!

Car ride home from the party. His hat slips up on him..he does so well in the car

Photo shoot. PoPo again is pathetic. He kept trying to sneak in the pictures while Brandy was shooting...he's not my star for pictures as much as he use to :)

Visitors! Turner loves having his friends over to play in his room. Hayden, Blake, and Jenny came over to hang out for awhile! Turner loved it! Grandmama played as well.

Ray meeting the little man!
Aunt Roni holding Turner. Turner loves his Aunt Roni!!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Turner and Friends

What fun it was to greet Turner to all our wonderful friends. Our family keeps saying what wonderful friends we have and we agree! We have so many wonderful people who make us smile each day! Thank you for all the kind wishes, cards, and checking in on us!

We had a party in Turner's room starting the moment we got there (1:45 am) and then throughout the day after his arrival-11:49. He will have to get use to going and being around lots of people because mommy and daddy love hanging out with each and everyone of them!

Marcy and Me! Less than a month and we will be switchings sides!
Jenny holding Turner so sweetly
Two of my three girls! Sue had a meeting. They were so excited to meet Mr. Turner
Charity and Virginia loved meeting Mr. Turner; many great memories ahead!!
KTB meeting Turner!
Andrea who has given me great momma advice on pushin' it helped! :)
Katey and Katy--dynamic duo!
Aunt and Uncle Seagraves
LOVE this memory. Steve was teaching me how to swaddle. He did a gREAT job!
Kipp and Lisa. Grant came but they don't allow kids in the rooms. He was so sweet and teared up because he wanted to meet Turner.
I LOVE this picture of you Amy!! SO CUTE!
Rachel loves holding babies! She has two cuties of her own
Wes trying to talk Turner into going fishing soon :) :)
My night nurse who did his footprints in the baby book. She was so great throughout the night. He stayed in the room with me and Debbie the entire time.
Amazing nurse! She really helped me with breastfeeding and simply nice to me!:)
Jackson meeting Turner for the first time. He did such a great job. I can't wait to see him with Campbell
My Nanny and the little guy
The Parker family visiting all the way from California!
My favorite place to snuggle!

First Dr's Visit was wonderful! We had fun taking him and he did great. I think he loves the car. We'll see! He was 6 lbs. 7 oz. and all his vitals were wonderful.

We have too much fun even in the Dr's office! :)