Sunday, September 19, 2010

Birthdays, football, and oh so much fun!

We celebrated Blake's 1st birthday! It was a football theme.
Momma did so good on the cake! Love it!
He ate his cake exactly how he should have!
It was so good to see the Reed family! Boston will be one in a day!
Cedar with Momma Hilary!
I love my Emma! I asked her what her favorite thing about school was and she said READING. My favorite!
Turner giving Campbell his flirty eye!
I wanted to take a picture with Jackson, but he wouldn't stand up, so I got on the floor with him:). He was such a good boy! I love my Jackson!
I wanted to get a picture with Turner and the birthday boy. This is as good as we could get :).
It was fun and such a pretty day for a birthday party!

We went to Chaz's 3rd birthday Toy Story theme party. I didn't have my camera, but momma Teresa did a wonderful job on meeting all expectations for a Toy STory theme party! All the kids had so much fun!

Getting his rain gear on to play during the rainy days!
Turner LOVES going outside, so when it's a rainy day, it throws off his schedule with Grandmama. They end up playing dress up. This was his boots and hat I wanted him to wear in the spring, but didn't get to it.

On another date to watch the HOG game. He's holding her hand..too cute! Mom?? Really the camera embarrasing!
They really interact. Turner did a little too much and pulled Campbell's hair..he was only flirting, but momma will have to keep a close eye on him. I have a feeling there is more of all that to come!
Mom! Leave us alone..we are trying to hang out....
Anna was so sweet and played with them and kept picking up ribbit for Turner.
Another wonderful family picture! It was time for his nap...or the HOGS fumbled..who knows!
Staci and Steve...oh wait..and Addison & Turner

Many comments on his double chin. Yes the boy is starting to put on the pounds :). I am curious to see how much he weighs when we take him in for his 6 month appointment.

 He thinks everything that is Turner's is his as well... He was taking a little nap..who knows if Turner is in the jumperoo behind him..with all that stuff who can tell!

It's been a great week. He's talking more and LOVES to stiffen up when trying to get him in his car seat. Good times. He loves to play on the floor with his toys and have me lay next to him and sing him songs. He also loves pulling off anyone who has glasses. His hair is getting quite the poof. There is still a hint of red, so I'm so excited to see where that is heading!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Casting the Line

He may not be sitting up yet, but by this picture he looks like he's standing!

We have had a great week! Daddy left on Tuesday for work and did it ever fly by! Over Labor Day weekend, we were visiting family! Turner and I took a trip up to Moppy and Poppy's to have lunch. We then went to Shugie's and hung out on the porch in his favorite spot-the swing. After that we had our first gathering with friends at the house. Turner was our entertainer! He had so much fun playing with everyone. He also had his first look at dove! Yum!

Below is a fish! (I had to come back on and edit because I said duck instead of dove and then 'someone' thought I was thinking the picture below was a duck....)
He's ready to go fishing with Grandpapa! He'll be able to do that next spring, so we are pretty excited! He was so excited to see a fish!
Swing time! He's a little small, but loves swinging!
...Loves sliding..
Loves playing peek-a-boo with Grandmama! We don't need no stinkin' Chuck E Cheese..we have playland at Grandmama's and Grandpapa's!
Hanging with Nanny on the back porch
He had Virginia visit him. He was so happy.
I love sitting in my highchair! This has been an added station throughout the week. He is eating more rice cereal and cries when he sees it or the bottle. Gotta have your game plan ready or you are in for a treat if he sees either before you are ready! He opens his mouth WIDE for big bites!
Aunt Natalie watched  him on Friday. She takes good pictures of him. I LOVE him in hats!
Beanies! Beanies! That will be our thing because he wants to be just like his daddy!
It was a little chilly in the house, so he needed to wear it!
This is his new thing--casting a line! He sits and goes back and forth like he is casting his fishing pole. That's the Johnson in him!
He is talking and giggling up a storm.
Loves having his picture taken first thing in the morning :). With Daddy being gone, I have to take more pictures :)
He visited the school yesterday. It will probably be the only time until May, but I wanted my students to meet him since I talk about him all the time. (Don't worry, they still know a lot about PoPo)
His three other Grandma's! Grandma Sue, Nana Jan, and Gigi! They love their Turner. They also have to put up with absent minded mamma..who are we kidding..I was that before Turner!

We have started to hit a road block...he is going backwards on his naps and it's not good. He is starting to wake up RIGHT when you put him down in the crib...he has always been 'picky' about where he sleeps, but it's always been a for sure thing in his crib and that's not working...I am not too worried because he does still sleep through the night, but with Addison gone it makes for long evenings when he wants to be held and won't nap. I'll just have to write on my papers to grade...Dear Parents, I'm sorry, but my child won't sleep, so I can't grade your child's work. (I know I should be grading right now instead of blogging...but what fun is that?!?!)
It makes for difficult days when he won't nap for anyone.. We are working on it. I'm not sure what the cause is... We are letting him cry it out right now...and we've been trying to get him to sleep for an hour that's been fun. He's only been crying for 10 minutes..and now it's time for rice cereal, so I guess no nap so far..
Turner may not be able to attend the three birthday parties we have this weekend if he doesn't take a nap. That's the funny thing..he isn't fussy when he doesn't sleep--he's just queit and rubs his eyes a lot. It was so funny. Yesterday after his school visit, right when I put him in his car seat, I wasn't even in my seat and he was out!
 Oh well! What's new. I just hope it's a phase......

Sunday, September 5, 2010


Yesterday Turner and I went over to Jenny's house to play with Blake, Calla, Carter, Cedar, and Hayden. Holly joined us (and of course Mommy Hilary and Mommy Jenny)

It was fun to just hang out for a bit with how busy life is and never seeing your closest friends. I have been on a hunt for leggings for Turner and I found some at Choices. LOVE them!!! It was a little chilly yesterday morning so he wore them for a bit.

Blake! He is walking!! It's so cute. He is celebrating his birthday next weekend!!

Carter and Calla. Calla has the sweetest face. She always looks so proper. I LOVE LOVE her curls. I always want to touch them!

Carter is loving these toys! He was so sweet and played with everyone. He has the sweetest face
Cedar! Look at those big blue eyes. The boys started noticing each other.

Sharing a toy. Friends share is what we taught them :)
Cedar is sitting up and it is so nice!
So...what does your hand taste like? MMM...mine is good!

Sporting the leggins! His toes got cold, so I put socks on him.

Holly and Blake. His mother knows how to dress him for HOG games. :)

Well..this is the family photo... I looked through my pictures the other day and we have a total of three family photos of us (where I don't look like I just rolled out of bed and haven't showered in days...) Cute, huh? I can't believe Turner is FIVE MONTHS and we do not have one decent photo..not going to get upset..but I am trying to fix the problem, but anytime someone can take a seems to not work out. We will get one..eventually! :)
Momma to be! Hayley is expecting at the end February. It's so fun to talk about pregnancy and babies! I told her to ask me and call me for anything. I need to pay it forward for the billion of questions I call my friends for!

I may not have had a HOG shirt, but I had a red I thought that was at least good for his first HOG party. I even put on football socks for him.

I LOVE when he makes his face...I just laugh. It's so pathetic and whatever it is he is REALLY expressing that he doesn't want to do that :).

1/2 grin smile! I LOVE playing with my Aunt Natalie! She took some cute pictures on Friday!

Grandpa T is back! Looking forward to the week. I LOVE LOVE three day weekends.

He had a great first HOG game! We are going to go tailgate a few times, just didn't make it yesterday...well I also wanted to take him to Barnes and Noble instead, so we did that! :) Readers are leaders!