Saturday, June 26, 2010

Walmart Adventure

I had to go to Walmart yesterday and had to take Turner with me. This was our first adventure to Walmart...alone.. I have been reluctant to put him in the shopping cart on the top (for obvious reasons of simply being me:) I decided to give it a shot like I see other mommas doing it! I felt like he could have tipped back the entire time, so I was holding onto him and trying to steer the cart. This is what happened:
--forgot about this one but I don't want to re-number: As I'm really trying to concentrate on getting him in the shopping cart a sweet, old man follwed me inside from him sitting on the bench outside walmart to ask how old T is, he's so little, and so forth...He doesn't realize I can't do two things at once. The greeter standing next to me ignored me as I was talking to him about how I hope I'm doing this right..(he probably wanted to make sure he didn't get caught up in a lawsuit if anything happened :)...
   1. Collided with a man going around the corner..he mouthed something to me but I tried to apologize.
   2. Ran into two racks of clothes, they dropped on the floor, I ran over them, it was such a tight squeeze I had to go back and forth before I finally could get them out from underneath the wheel..I hope I wasn't disturbing the young ladies trying to look at the sales racks..
   3. Ran into the locked jewelry display case and these little kids looking at glasses giggled at me..
   4. Trying to find the Mycolin (this is a whole other thing I need to call Walmart about) in the baby aisle. Turner is starting to get fussy... this sweet, young lady comes up to me, "Mam! Your son's toes are sticking out of his shoes!!" Oh..he's fine and that's not why he is crying but thank you....
   5. Decided I'm done (got some things off my list) and checked out. Walking out of the store by the doors a man blows smoke and Turner and I walk right through it.... I mouthed something to him and got to the car....

I also have this thing about leaving him in the car. I truly have this fear so I literally take him everywhere in and out. Last summer I was in the Harp's parking lot and this poor mom was standing at her window bawling on the phone because she accidenlty locker her keys and child in the car. She was so sweet and scared..I felt so bad for her because she truly was terrified and didn't mean for this to happen..I always think of that everytime. I am not sure what other mothers do but I put my bags in the car, take him out of the shopping cart and with car seat in hand we walk to put the shopping cart up. I just don't leave him in the car running...I feel that will end up another disaster....not that it would surprise anyone..

I'm very lucky to have family in town to where if I need to run errands they will watch Turner for a bit! So as you can see, it's just so much easier why I should always let someone watch him until he can walk before he goes on another Walmart adventure.  :)

And by the way..I have time to write this blog because Turner is still sleeping...almost two hours..and of course we were to be at a birthday party 8 minutes ago..... I'm sorry Jenny!! I don't dare wake him up being this is what he needs but he would pick this time to take a good nap... We will get there even if he is still wearing his pj's!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Turner loves his cousins

(Kaitlyn, Kyleigh, and Turner's feet)
and they love him! I can't explain how much these girls adore Turner. Kyleigh really opened up to him more on this trip. It was so funny. Kyleigh would be holding Turner and I told her to talk to him. She looked at me like I was crazy. After a few days she started singing to him. Kailtyn probably would take him home if I let her. She sings, giggles, talks, holds, kisses, hugs Turner about every 3 minutes she's around him. When she was in the pool, she would get out, run over to Turner just to give him a kiss. She wants to carry him like an adult and she does not understand why she can't carry the carseat out to the car. She asks Grandmama at what age she can hold him like we do.  I try to get him to have a really good nap before we go over to see them because he is on stimilus overload once he's with them!

They feed him. After this I picked him up and burped him....he threw up all down my back. Lovely..
Turner loves to throw parties. He threw his cousins a cupcake party! Hayden, Jax, and Campbell joined us! It was fun. They kept asking us when will we be having fun? When will we be playing games? Isn't structured cupcake decorating fun for kids under the age of 4? :)
Ms. Campbell wore her I love my Auntie shirt. Marcy and I love going to each other's houses because we both have what we need for our children!  aka the swing!
This is such a sad picture. You would think they are starving, hurt children looking for a family. They are very healthy loved children, promise!

Laying out by the pool is not what it used to be! :) Turner sat out under his SPF tent (Thanks, Shugie!) in a bouncie and watched the girls splash in the pool. I was SOO hoping it would make him fall asleep being oustide and in the bouncie, but he just loved watching the girls. It does get too hot for him where sweat was forming on his little head. Poor Uncle Beej...must be hard soaking up the sun under a nice umbrella with beer in hand. I got some sun on my shoulders :)

On Wednesday I took the girls for a girls trip while Shugie watched Turner. With me having Turner, I don't get as much time with my girls, so we had a special day. Had lunch at Chick-fil-A, played at Chuck-E-Cheese, and then went to Rick's. I told the girls they could pick anything they wanted as a treat.
Kyleigh picked this...
Kaitlyn picked a fruit cup (???) She at least is helping the obesity problem among children! Go Kaitlyn!

The arm around Kyleigh is so natural looking--good idea Grandmama :).

Such a cute pose. It's still pretty sad around here without Quicken. It makes for long, hard days home alone when you've had her here this whole time. Popo I think still looks for her each morning when he runs outside. We miss her so much! I have noticed this week PoPo very protective of both me and Turner. He literally guards us wherever we go.
I got your back, Momma!
I've been noticing a lot of things I've created that makes Turner, well.. Turner! :) I really am a new mother who had (or should I say has) no clue what she's doing. I've really put a lot of energy the past few weeks to get him on track and break habits. He's doing so good! Like always in and learn! I was telling Addison the other day..yes he's not the perfect child that takes 3 big chunk naps during the day and he likes to be held, shush, and a little sensitive about his environment and so forth, but when I look back over the past three months, I have loved every minute. I look back and realize when it was 'time' to start putting him to sleep we were on our second book, singing our songs, and dancing to music. When he had 'passed' his nap, we were relaxing in the chair talking and he may be behind on schedule and sleeping without being rocked, but I've cherished these past few months! I say in my head...if he's still like this when he's sixteen... then we have a problem! :)  I want to soak in as much Turner time because reality hits in August when Momma goes back to work!  

Turner's Version

This is Turner's version of his paci. He's telling his mommy and daddy, "Look! I'm saving you money. I can just use my hand instead of buying (AND looking for --) a paci! He LOVES to stick his whole hand in his mouth. He sometimes gags himself because he sticks it so far. What's funny is he will have half his paci and half his hand in his mouth. My mom says one ultrasound he had his hand in his mouth so he must love it. Whatever works! The whole searching for a paci is ridiculous. We don't even have to use it all the time and I still can't find them. I remember a few weeks ago a 2 am feeding and bawling Turner. I thought the paci would calm him down, but couldn't find it. All lights on, had to get Addison up and finally found it-under the couch....
I didn't realize how much saliva they produce at such a young age. I keep looking for teeth for how much this boy drools. He even chokes sometimes and wakes himself up because of all his saliva. I didn't realize at such a young age they had this going on. He's going to be a fountain when it comes to teething time. (which I will have to join a support group during this time. I'm SO sensitive when it comes to teeth, it will be agonizing going through this...)

He loves gazing. I know all babies love this so nothing unusual. He adores ceiling fans. They calm him (along with his hand in his mouth :)
 He's been sticking his tongue in and out of his mouth and making noises. He will be a talker! (Not that surprises anyone..)

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Why I love my husband..or should I say Daddy!

With Father's Day around the corner, I thought I would dedicate a blog to Addison!

I love my husband for MANY reasons. I mean he does have to deal with me on a daily basis. I know we all feel his pain, BUT these are just some highlights of things I have loved seeing with Turner.

About once a day Addison reminds me we must strap Turner in because he will slide out if we don't. He gets a little frustrated when T is sliding down and momma is just sitting in front of him playing with him. Addison is all about safety first! He is a boy scout all the way.  I also think I will catch him if he starts falling out--I'm not THAT tired. :)
Are those stuffed ducks hanging from Turner's mobile? I think so! Addison was so excited and Uncle Aaron. Addison and Aaron have been discussing this ..well since he was born. Addison came home with a big grin on his face and then showed me what he bought. When I bought the mobile I knew exactly what he was thinking. Turner loves them and just watches them! They really add to the already deer in the room just not as classy looking.

Bedtime routine. Addison does so good at night with Turner. He loves giving him his bath, feeding him his bottle (especially since Turner is now so good at taking it!). Last night he was challenging Turner to hold his own bottle. He did for a bit. It's such a good routine. Whenever Addison is not around and I have to do it, I get nervous thinking I won't be as good at it. Addison questions what I do and I usually don't make the bathroom warm enough. :) We are going to the beach in a few weeks and I am really nervous about not having daddy around because he does such a great bedtime routine. I am taking the bouncy ball! It's daddy for 11 days :). It was so cute. Last week I told Addison I want to pick a song to sing to T each night so he starts the routine with that song while he is taking his bottle. Addison looked at me like please don't make me sing. I always read him his bedtime book before he goes into the bath, and we all know by 8pm Turner is REALLY tired of hearing me sing to him! A few days ago I heard Addison quietly singing..well more like talking..Twinkle Twinkle Little Star to Turner. I know it wasn't Broadway, but so cute to hear!

Anyone who knows Addison knows he can put things together better than anyone I know. It's kind of a bad thing because I'll admit it, if I get something I'll take two seconds to try and put it together and then just say I can't. I just know Addison will do it so much faster! Since we have gotten all this stuff for Turner, Addison has been dying to get it all out and have T play in it. He got the little toy saucer thing out about three weeks ago. I told him not quite yet honey. He then yesterday had to rip into the Jumper because he couldn't wait any longer! Turner had fun swaying back and forth while the thing swallowed him. Again, another few weeks for this one. :) He did love his bumbo when Addison placed him in it last weekend. I probably will look outside in a few weeks and see Turner on the lawnmower or something!
I love these two guys! Addison is such an incredible husband and an amazing father! I am so happy to have him in my life. Happy Father's Day, Daddy! You make this journey incredible!

Nap Boot Camp

At the Seifritz household we started Nap Boot Camp...ok well I just wanted to call it that to make it more fun! :) Below are two entries I emailed to my family about what he's doing. I know they love them, but someone has to listen to it! What would I do without my iphone, I'm just not sure! I just wanted to share because I'm enjoying my spin on 'boot camp' with his napping. I know there are 1,000 of other things I could be doing, but this is fun and it shows my dorky writing teacher coming out...

"Day three here at nap boot camp! He stays with his eyes slightly open for about 6 min after his 3 min wAiling fit. We have our play date today. Others are not coming until their little one finishes their nap...we will just be there all day! He's at about a 45 min nap close to normal babies 2-3 hr nap:). Love him!! At ease soldier! Please!"

" It's now 17:00 hours and this is what we got. He is keeping one eye open just in case I sneak attack by putting him in his crib. Took about a 25 min nap in his PAC n play until he was ready to abort ship and needing backup. I think the playdate was too much for the little guy..... Day three of nap boot camp but I'm not putting up the white flag yet! "

He just won't let up on that one eye! Trust me Turner, I will be here when you awake! :)

Monday, June 14, 2010

Visit with friends and morning routine

Before I begin on Turner's week, we lost a part of our family yesterday. I will be blogging about Quicken's world, but can't right now. She holds a special place to our family.  The blog post will be probably in ten parts for how much of an incredible dog she was. We love our Quickie licky and can't wait to share her story with Turner one day.

We went to Baby Bookworm with Jax, Campbell, and Marcy. It was fun and can't wait to make this part of our week!
Grant met Turner for the first time. He is going to be a big brother coming soon! I wish Turner wasn't crying since Grant is going to be holding a baby sister soon, but it was time to feed!
Hayden and Blake hung out with their friend. Hayden was so cute. He wanted to keep holding him and give him kisses. Blake was on the floor with me but started crying because he was missing out of boy time. Blake and Turner will be in the same grade!
Turner loves his Aunt Lydia. We captured a moment this evening! He held onto his rattle while Shugie was holding him. He then proceeded to hold onto his bottle with his arms--it's a start. I was just staring in awe instead of taking a picture! I was able to capture it right before it toppled over!

It's neat how you wake up one day and he's started something new for our routine! After we are awake for our morning feed, he will just sit in his boppy and we have our morning talk. We sing our, "Good Morning, Good Morning, Good Morning Mr. Turner" song and then we talk about what we are doing that day. He loves it! He sits and coos and smiles most of the time. It's then moving on to 'motivating' time. Below is when we move to the couch. He loves to stretch his legs and arms. He then begins his morning diaper fill. He loves laying on his side to help :).
I caught it! This is how he sleeps most of the time. One eye open. He seems asleep but oh...that one eye just starting at your waiting on your next move. Another thing he started is sleeping with his arms above his head. We wrap him as a tight little burrito and seconds later they are out! I want to take a picture but as we all know, I don't dare wake him up when he is actually in a deep sleep. The funniest thing I noticed yesterday as he was sleeping on the couch with me was a little snort about every 15 minutes. It was too funny! We know he will be a Razorback for all the snorting he does.
Loves his lounging days--:)

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Turner's 1st date

Campbell and Turner had a wonderful time together. Campbell got so dolled up like a good girl and typical male, Turner had on a simple onesie. I told him he could of at least wiped the drool from his mouth before his date! These pictures are so fun. There is so much dialogue between these pictures! I love how Turner is fixated on Campbell or the bow-who knows!

Typical male again. Campbell upset and Turner is looking at her like what am I suppose to do?

Turner Two months

Two Months! It was so fun. Grandmama was trying to explain to Kaitlyn how Turner is two MONTHS old..not two years old. She was excited because she thought the next time she saw him he would be the same age as Kyleigh. She is finally beginning to understand. :)
Happy Birthday, Momma! This was taken on the day of my birthday by my mom. It's my favorite picture!

Turner was born at a perfect time! For many reasons, but he has been able to celebrate everyone's birthday! It was such a special time and my last year in my twenties. We had our first stroll around Farmer's Market. I can't wait for more of those! We then had a wonderful lunch up at Shugie's! Addison planned a great 29th birthday!

I am so glad I bought this chair! It's been one of his favorites. This is his two month 'watch Turner grow' picture.

He went to Poppy's and Moppy's house for the first time. He had a good time. It took a village to get him to eat his bottle, but he finally did! Poppy slept during bottle feeding duty--so fun!
I simply love how he falls asleep on me. I know I should put him down, but I just love watching him. The other day we were hanging out (ok...he was sleeping again on me...) and I could feel his heartbeat. I loved it!

Oh! Those famous letters. Aunt Lydia made these and they have been amazing! He will just sit and stare at them for a good 20 minutes. Daddy changing Mr .T!
We love our dogs and they love Turner...well..Quicken does. :) PoPo tries to take everything that belongs to Turner (Red Chair....) Whenever Turner is sleeping in his room, Quicken sneeks in there and nudges her nose through the crib. She is such a good big sister! She also loves to give kisses on Turner's head!

One of our favorite things to do is take pictures for Addison while he's at work. (Mom, you better be ready to do the same when I go back! :) This always brightens Addison's day and adds a lot more photos to our collection when it's so easy with an Iphone! I love when Turner is having his head up and he lays it against my fact and just stares out. We have started to have some head butts (sp??) going on! I feel like they hurt him but it seems to only hurt us!

Speaking of big head...
He is doing so good with his head movements. I love it when I'm on one side of him and he whips his head around to look at me.

My favorite things lately about Turner:
-He loves to smile! I know there are times when he is so tired and he will just sit and smile.
-He makes this 'o' face whenever he is trying to poop. Makes me laugh.
-How googly eye he gets when staring at his mobile. You'll see why in a later post...:)
-How his pants are soo big on him. He gives me this look like, really? I have to wear this? (See pic below) Again, love this chair! I was organizing his clothes and he soo wanted to help me. He just sat and hung out while I organized!

-I love how he is snuggly. He will nestle that head into your neck and it just makes your day!
-His struggle with sleep during the day. Trying to be positive! :) We willl get there but he is very cute when he's awake ;). He likes to take quick naps. I will quietly put him down in the living room and I can feel the eyes against the back of my head..I turn and there they are! Those big blue eyes looking at me as if he was actually going to take a 2 hour nap. I know this is not good for him and he will get there very soon...
-His snort. Yes. He snorts when he's upset. His cry is so pathetic, except I did hear some big cries the other day for the first time in the car. Wow! That was fun.

-His hair! I think this picture is one only a mother could love :). When he gets out of the bath it ..well..looks like this. We are going back and forth on the color. He has a lot of red color but then a lot of blonde--so we will see!
Awake! Asleep! Awake! Asleep! Our theme for this month. It's been simply wonderful!