Saturday, May 29, 2010

He said his first word!:)

I know my momma friends are picking up the phone right now to explain to me how he could not have said his first word at two months, but I DO have witnesses...and I know it's not like he could point at me and say it again. He did say momma this week while Natalie was here. She even heard it! BUT I'm not writing it down as his 'first' word so don't worry Daddy. :)

Aunt Natalie loves taking pictures and wanted to take pictures of Turner! They were so good and it was so fun. We even got some with Quicken and PoPo! Below is one of her shots! I bought about 25 or so frames to put pictures in..:) I have nothing on my walls but now it's going to be TURNER!

I promised my students they would meet Turner before the end of the year. I brought treats and we hung outside and stared at Turner. I felt like a celebrity! It was so fun. :) I have many babysitters if I ever need them.

It was Poppy's birthday on Wednesday. Turner made him a card. He's very thoughtful. :)
Turner LOVES to smile. He's been smiling for about a month 1/2 now. He is really starting to make more coos and all. He has even let out a few giggles--usually at 3 in the morning when he thinks it's REAL funny to be up at that time.

Thursday night Addison and I went out to eat at Bordinos and Shugie watched Turner. He is still fighting the bottle. Takes about an hour and an army to get him to eat it, but momma isn't backing down on that one!
He loves the outdoors. Shugie took him out on the porch and just looked around at the trees. He'll be just like his daddy!

Look at those legs!

He is still fighting sleep during the day. It takes magic to get him to fall asleep. He's not fussy all day, but it's a good 20 minutes before he will shut those beautiful blue eyes. I have a magic spot on the couch that for some reason if I go to that, he will go to sleep faster. It's amazing how he knows. My favorite is when his eyes will just roll back and forth for so long and then shoot them wide eyed! Too funny.

Monday, May 24, 2010

What do we do now, Momma?

I can see the look Turner gives me whenever we get into certain situations. I will have to try and capture it on camera because when I'm letting out a heavy sigh, he is making me smile with the 'What do we do now, Momma' look. I've seen it several times.

Pictures this...
Finally finished feeding him 50 minutes later and got him in the car seat ready to roll! We actually needed to get out because Addison was going to buy our king size bed today and we needed sheets for it. This was our first trip to a store where I had to use the stroller. He was all smiles and I knew he was going to take a nap as we drove to Kohl's. Backed up and looked down. I of course still had on my house slippers...(about the third time I've done this..there will be a time I don't see this and end up at our desitination in them) back up to the house we go! Back on the road and as we approach Kohl's Turner starts crying. I know this cry. It's the poopy diaper cry. I then have to start analyzing this new situation. Do I change him in the car? Do I go into Kohl's and change him? I finally decided to change him in the car. Right when we pull into the parking lot I realize I forgot my wallet...quick fix! Addison is at Lowe's so I ask him to come over to Kohl's after he is done to buy our stupid sheets. There is no turning back now! I then get out in the blistering sun, get the stroller out, and pack the bottom with diaper bag and purse. I then start to get him out and of course..why wouldn't there be poop all over my arm. Yes. The diaper leaked poop. I then stand there in the parking lot again trying to think what to do. It's hot, he's poopy, and I'm not sure what to do. That's when I get 'the look' from my son. I look at him and tell him I'm so sorry Turner, but we are just going to go home. Enough of this, so back in the car seat Turner goes, stroller back in the back, and Momma in the front getting home to change the poopy baby. I know anyone who was in the parking lot watching this saw the, 'Yes. I'm a new mom and going to try this trip again tomorrow' sign across my forehead.
We got home and he did manage to fall asleep for 5 minutes on the way home. I cleaned him up and he's beside himself because he's so tired (has not had a nap since 730 this morning) -- I'm feeling sorry for the little guy because I know how tired he is. I rock him and as he is bawling, he stops and give me the biggest smile. I laugh and tell him we will survive that trip to Kohl's one day Mr. T. I love that little guy!
...He's now asleep peacefully in his bouncy...

Meeting his cousins!

Cutest three kids in the whole wide world! :)

My nieces, Kaitlyn and Kyleigh came up this weekend with Uncle Jeff. Both girls were very excited, but Kaitlyn was beyond excited. She was so adorable about wanting to love on Turner. She helped out but sometimes didn't understand why she couldn't bounce him or hold him like adults do. She helped change some diapers and loved holding him. I can't wait until he's big enough for them to run around and play.... and then they will be big to where 'boys are gross' and will not want anything to do with Mr. Turner. :) My favorite memory was when Jeff had the magic touch and put Turner right to sleep for his morning nap, but Kaitlyn wanted to play with him on the play mat. I look down and Kaitlyn is rolling around on it whispering to herself, "Baby Turner your cousins came to play...I just want to play with you because you are so adorable" She is so adorable herself! Kyleigh would look at him but then go play. She would give him a kiss and say hi. Kaitlyn and Kyleigh are getting so big and I loved them hanging out Turner!

Uncle Jeff meeting Turner. He still got it! Was able to put Turner to sleep right away :).
Is she not so cute on how excited she looks!?!
They were so excited about giving Turner his presents. The pottery they painted for him is precious! Jeff was sweet and gave every loud toy he had for Turner. Thanks! He says it was pay back time. If I remember correctly I gave the girls a lot of cute clothes and books.....
Summer fun shirt! Kaitlyn would not put him down.
Grandpapa and Grandmama with all the grandkids!
Family portrait
The great grandchildren with Nanny

Kaitlyn strolling Turner around. Turner just hanging out.
Kyleigh lookin' cute in her glasses!
Aunt Roni with the girls
SShhh Turner is sleeping....

That day we went to the Dog Walk on Old Main lawn. It was fun. I was so happy that Turner slept the whole time. It was our first time to take him somewhere with a lot of noise and movement going on. With him loving to fight sleep, I was wondering how he would be in this kind of environment. I see other babies just sleeping all the time through things and Turner not so much. If there is acitivity, he is in the middle of it. I wonder where he gets that? We must of hit him at the right time....oh...and we had to keep the stroller moving for him to sleep. Kaitlyn kept on checking on him just in case he was awake.
Pebbles had to dress up as a Hot Dog! She was the star.

Turner taking his snooze
I found this daschund fabric and had to buy it for the girls! My nanny made the dresses. Super cute!

We had such a great visit with the girls and Jeff! They are such good cousins. Kyleigh is so adorable in this picture! I can't wait for our camping weekend coming up with the family!

Aunt Natalie and Aunt Lydia's House

We visited Aunt Lydia and Aunt Natalie's new house. They gave Turner the grande tour and he loved the red room especially!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Adventuring out!

I told Turner this week we are going to begin an outing each day even if it is to the Post Office. I need to get into the flow of getting items (and him) in the car and out of the car. One day it took me the assistance of the manual to figure out how to fold the stroller, left the door to the house wide open as I was backing out of the driveway, and then lost my keys as I was ready to leave. So, I told Turner this is why we are beginning an outing each day. :) I have learned from our outings he does like the car. He just cries for 2 or so minutes and then falls right asleep! I have also learned with our outings that I want to wear a button that reads, "Hi, I am breastfeeding and I only have a 25 minute window before I have to feed the little one, so please refrain from..."
        1. Explaining my receipt in full detail that I will never read or complete
        2. Showing me items in a store that I'm not there to buy
        3. Stopping midway while checking me out to explain to someone how to make the ice cream
        4. Have a shopping cart corral closer to my car
        5. Being organized in your store so when I ask for something it doesn't take 5 minutes for you to find it....
         6. Yes, I know you have less items than me and I am usually a very kind person and would let you go ahead of me...but please don't give me that look..I promise I'm a nice person!
          I have grown so much in my patience it's unreal! :)
He has grown SO much! I thought his Dr's appt was this week, but it's next week! I can't wait to see how much he weighs. He smiles all the time! Most importantly, he is getting into a great sleeping pattern. He is at least now taking two big naps a day and then going some long stretches at night. He loves, loves bath time! He will be bawling before and once he its the water he's all smiles and cooing. We have noticed he sleeps much better with a bath, so we give him one each night with lots of lotion to not dry the poor boy out!

Turner's legs and head are so strong. He loves to hoist himself up and bounce on our legs. He gazes all around turning his head from side to side.

We did so much the last few weeks...............

Hanging with his girlfriend... (I may have already posted this...sleep deprivation..--I need a shirt that says this too for how much I mess up. You think I messed up before HA! whole new Katy now :)

Went to the Teacher Appreciation Luncheon. I miss my teachers so much!! Ms. Katy and Ms. Courtney loved meeting MR. T. Courntey is expecting in September!

"When I get nervous I stick my hands in my armpits...and then I smell them like this.!"-SNL :)

Good Morning, Mommy!

Hiding from the thunder and lightning!

Doing a little light reading about Sea Turtles. Gigi got him this book.

Attended the church pancake breakfast. He was so full from pancakes and sausage!

Wore shoes for the first time this week! They are another trial to keep on!

PoPo waiting patiently for his momma time.. he has turned into such a great dog! Not that he wasn't before :)

Waving hello to everyone!

We had a playdate with Jax and Campbell. Turner slept the entire time along with Campbell. Jackson came home from school and entertained them!

Love at first sight

He wore his baseball outfit to impress Campbell. He said everyone thinks baseball players are hot ;)

Again..waiting his turn... He thinks anytime we take pictures of Turner he is to be in the picture!--I don't know WHY he would think that .. :)

Pooped out after a long day in baby world!

We adventured to Wilson Park for about 25 minutes. He loved it until it was close to feeding time. THere was this cute girl up in the castle screaming, "Hello, down there!! I am in the castle!" So cute. Turner just hung out. It was great to figure out the whole stroller thing.

Enjoyed his time at the park. This is going to begin a weekly adventure stop!

All tuckered out from a busy two weeks! He has accomplished so much and is hitting two months next week!! He is starting to do change so much and we are loving every minute! It's so great to see how much a little one can accomplish in one day-sometimes one hour! Looking forward to a wonderful weekend with his cousins-Kaitlyn and Kyleigh!