Monday, May 9, 2011

That's How He Rolls

A boy on a mission
Time: 7:30-8:00 am
Where: Backyard
Goal: Hike it to Daddy's shop
Mission not accomplished..and never will be anytime soon. :)

Loving this MAY weather. It's this month that makes it very hard to go to work...four more weeks..
BUT on Saturday and Sunday it's fun time outside before morning nap. The air is crisp and cool, birds chirping, and the world is waiting for Turner!

 We put his shoes on outside his PJs..and let him roll.
 He thinks he's made his escape!
  He's rolling as fast as those little feet can take him towards the shop..high, wet grass doesn't stop the little guy!

 Darn! I was caught. Back to starting line..but he's never giving up. Too bad Mommy will win at this war..anyone who knows me, I will be on him like white on rice...and Daddy's mission- G-A-T-E! Backyard mission as started this week. CAN'T WAIT!
 He feels defeated...
 We distract him by showing him MR. Turtle. This is one of my most stressful times of year on the road...turtle crossings..I hate seeing those little things on the road..
 He just tapped on it..and wasn't that amused.

 Played with a leaf and PoPo. At one point he looked like he was bent over pulling weeds. I was happy someone was doing it!

 The cat, Squirrel, was not really happy that we were messing up his morning routine. Turner didn't skip a beat!

Hahaha! You will never catch me!

Love my little determined boy who won't give up!

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