Sunday, May 8, 2011

Take Me Somewhere FUN!

I was behind on my grading..well I always am. But I really needed to grade and I was going to just stay up at work until it was all done, but it was the day of 'the rain' so I quickly got home with my bags of papers. Turner doesn't let me do much on my own. He wants to be all up in momma's business. One side of me wants to cherish it and just soak it up..but then reality hits with papers. I decided to just stick him in the chair and let him work on reading comprehension. :) He made an A.

Little five second fits. He's been doing this a lot lately. He's expressing himself with much emotion what he does and doesn't want at that moment. I'm hoping this is usual for his age..I really thought it wasn't until two they did this.... mmmm...

THE picture. What more can you say? The look..the hair..the moment. Just a little joy ride on a pretty afternoon led to a picture I know we will be using for many years to come. LOVE HIM!
 Loves to boogie to Ellen. If I could capture him on how he reacts and dances when he sees her on TV, we would for sure be attending a show! He just loves her. He just stops and watches. He then wants to stand on the ottoman and wiggle his bottom and sing out.
 Eating like a big boy with his milk. He loves these little bowls now and he looks so cute using them!
 Anywhere Momma is, it's fun! My mom had him in this and they went to Walmart and a lady said, "I hope it gets more fun than this!:" Loved it! My mom is so great on doing fun activities with Turner every day of the week. Like in the above picture, she had him coloring me a picture!
 I love giving him that 80s look at a young age. Nothing better than short green shorts, white socks, and shoes!
 He is a hat boy. I'm determined to find him cute hats since there's nothing out there for boys and cuteness. He makes me proud because he simply loves his hats.
I feel from this picture he's going to blurt out, "I love you, Mum!"

Turner has been preparing for his girlfriend's birthday! She turned one on May 6th and she looked cute on her special day!! We then had a fun party at the swimming pool..well all the other kids had fun. Tman still is not liking that pool. I'm hoping it's that particular pool and not pools in general. It doesn't make sense since he loves water. Marcy had the cutest decorations and theme! Loved it all!

I want her to become a Fancy Nancy fan. LOVE these books!
How clever is this?? Too cute!
 Ate the cupcake like a champ! We were telling Turner that's how you eat your 1st Birthday cupcake :)
Again, did not like the water..

 Turner loves Ryan and Teresa. He is at that particular stage where I'm his #1 fan wherever we go. He gravitates towards them and will let them hold him, walk around with him, and like this cute picture..cuddle with him. They live close by, so Teresa let me know what time you want Turner to stop by! :)
 Precious birthday girl!!
We love our sweet Campbell. She had so much fun on her 1st birthday. Turner just adores her. He gave her this cute little heart box that had a cute owl shirt handmade for her and a pink ring pop sitting on the top. He then wrapped it with a cute pink bow and a heart attached.. he's such a thoughtful little boy!
Happy 1st!

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