Wednesday, July 28, 2010

He's doing it on purpose

Turner, Turner, Turner... Today he didn't really want take his afternoon nap unless I was holding him. I placed him in his crib and he just cried and cried. I'm really trying to start this week not holding him until he's asleep. (I KNOW bad habit..but as I've said many times the past four months-"rookie mistake". New goal for momma! On a side note, his two other naps today he did beautifully on going to his crip while still awake... 
   Addison walks in and it's 'his turn' while I have my 'free time'. The crying begins...and keeps going because he is now overly tired (Turner not Addison). I then pump in order to have a bottle ready for him. I overhear Addison discussing with his son about what he's doing.. "Turner, you don't even have a reason to cry" - WAAAAA! "Turner, it's so simple. When  you are tired, just fall asleep. You will feel so much better and not be upset" -WAAAAA! "Turner, look you aren't even upset about's just you are tired." -WAAAA! Turner kept on with these short bursts of wails between Addison's lecture. After the deep conversation about sleep, they walk out to me. Turner begins to cry and then stops and smiles...he loves to do this to us. I said to Addison, "He just smiled at me!" Addison states,  "He's been doing that the entire time he's been crying. He doesn't even want to cry, he's doing it on purpose." Yeah..because that's what he's doing.... He is now getting his bath and going to bed early since he skipped a nap and we have a tired baby on our hands. I think tomorrow I'll try writing out Turner's itinerary for the day and see if he follows it....
Addison just got him out of the bath and said he didn't even want to play this time...all he wanted to do was suck on his hand. Grumpy baby..

Didn't even listen to his bedtime story!

Diaper Advice!

At my shower in March, my friends did a wonderful thing by having people write advice to me on a diaper. I could then look at it during the many, many diaper changes. They are a size one so I've been using them lately. I typed them all down to keep as a memory. It was fun to read them. I did use a few before I realized I wanted to cherish them forever! It was such a great idea and was so fun to read! Thanks, girlies!

All you have to do is love your baby every day!
Be patient. The tiny age doesn’t last long enough. – Nanny
Make time for you and Addison

Let friends take care of sweet baby Turner for a weekend away.
Savor the moments covered in spit up
When things get bad, call 1-800-Grandma
According to Andrea:

Open it, Close it,

Open it, close it,

Then take the diaper off! – Amy
Cherish the quiet stolen moments in the middle of the night when it is just you and sweet baby Turner. –Katey W
Don’t underestimate WILL shoot across the room if you are not careful! –Rachel
Each day is a special gift…hold fast to that when life gets congested. I love you. –Sharon Hampton
Give him a big kiss from his Poppy & Moppy!
Keep Smiling and Enjoy him. –Peace
Turd-ner. From Uncle Aaron
Watch out for flying pee! – Aunt Nat
You can shower or go to the bathroom when he cries. 
They really do grow up fast; so treasure each moment!

You are a great mom!
Call Aunt Lydia. She can always help out!
Put the monitor on Addison’s side of the bed!
Follow your mommy instincts!
I put warm washcloths in a crock pot for the 1st month because they poop so much at 1st and the wipes don’t get it near as well as washcloths. –Andrea
Remember to always take time for yourself (whenever you can) –Kate Corbett

I never realized how much advice one gets when they become a momma! One little guy does make you doubt yourself many, many times throughout the day! Good thing he makes me smile pretty much all day to even out the doubting!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Going to the big D..and I mean Dallas!

Kaitlyn's 5th birthday party!!! It was a great weekend.  Hung out with family, switched hotels because first one so nasty, and shopped for back to school clothes!

Barbie Party! This cake was from Target...SO good! I would buy from Target!

Love my Kaitlyn!

Turner being a party pooper......

Turner laughed and laughed when Gmama oinked oinked!

Eyeing Kaitlyn's presents

Looked easier on the box...and Addison was busy with Turner to help. 

Summer so Fun!

My friend Autumn came into town and it was so great to see her and have her meet Turner! Her children are not in the picture because they were still asleep. Kennadie is 3.5 and Brodee will be one in a month or so. Her kids are adorable. I love how we met in 7th grade and now swapping momma stories! It was a great visit with her family too. Aunt Nancy attempted to put Turner to sleep. She did such a good job! Love this family!

Date Night! Woo hoo!
My mom and dad watched Turner so Addison and I could go on a date. Mom laughed because she thought it would consist of dinner, movie, ice cream, stroll around the park...a 4or so hour date. We left about 6:30 and was home by 8:15 or so :). It was great! Shogun was horrible, had previous students sitting right next to our booth, and a woman almost passed out behind us and had to be escorted out :) but the company was good and loved eating at the same time with Addison! I then did get my Maggie Moo's before heading home! Turner pretty much slept the entire time we were gone.

Turner's personality! This age is so exciting. He is really starting to 'show' his personality. I love, love hearing him laugh out loud. He will sit in front of anyone and just giggle and coo at whatever funny thing you do. He has started to develop moments where he will 'chill'. This is where he will lay on his blanket and just hang out by himself. It's great to see what he does and how he interacts with his world around him.

I'm paying attention, Mommy! Promise!
Classic Turner. Sneaking an eye to me when he should be paying attention to Daddy reading him a story. Turner is starting to let us read an entire book to him. It was an ongoing joke the first two months on how I told Addison, I will get through his bedtime story, Night, Night Little Pookie! He would start off good and then start wailing halfway through it! Addison just grinned as I was trying so hard to get him to listen to the entire story. He now loves to listen to his stories!

'Dream a little Dream for me....'

Him sleeping across the way has had some stressful nights. What's funny is we all can't wait for the morning your baby sleeps in and that's when it freaks you out! Countless times, I say to Addison at the wee hour of the morning...I am going to go check on him even though we have both angel care and video and out I go until Momma pretty much wakes him up...I'll get better, promise. What is so unfair is when he chooses to sleep through the 2:30 feeding (like he did last night) but Momma has to get up at 3:30 to pump because of the pain...
Nothing is better than sleeping...and Turner has been doing so good lately (don't want to jinx myself) on sleeping until 6-7~ now this is still with his 2:30 feeding. We tried dreamfeed...but the little oinker still would wake up at I decided to not waste that extra bottle if he is still going to get up the same time!
Anyways. The video monitor is kept on my side and the angel care monitor on Addison's side. BEEP! BEEP!BEEP! Addison bolts up and runs across the house as I roll over and turn on the monitor as I am kicking the covers off and  I see him move right away when I turn it on and he has several times made it go off because of his moving! I try to drift off to sleep with the beeping still going.. Addison comes back in the room...wide eyed and plops back in bed...the beeping goes away. I tell him I saw him move right when he got up, but couldn't yell for him (I know lazy..but I've been sleep deprived since April and my body seems to have momets where it can't move..)
 Addison then says, "It was my alarm"...  
You won't find me laughing out loud at 6 am in the morning, but this was classic. We usually wake up to the radio and for some reason it went to the buzzing...
Turner still dreaming away as Mommy and Daddy sit wide eyed in the bed (me laughing)

We visited Sue Gillman over coffee and bagels! It's fun to get out for short trips and see people! Thanks Sue for the invitation!

Roll Over, Turner!
(to the tune of 'Mooove over, Butter'--I know..I'm clever :)

Turner has become lazy about tummy time. He did great the first couple of months and now it's a very small window he will do it. I've been trying to catch him on the FLIP doing some kind of roll. He is starting to move where I could see him go from belly to back but no success yet. The other day (this is about day 7 of where I record him and nothing occurs) he was on his back, chillin' and PoPo looking at me needing to be fed. Popo and I go get food for him while Turner decides to roll from back to side while I'm gone. I come back to him in this position...he just smiles and spits up. :)

Not Successful by any means
Turner and I attempt to put this together. Many of you saw my voyage on Facebook. I tried to keep it hidden from Addison so I could surprise him with, "Look what I did myself!" He caught me and brought it out to the living room... he says I had everything in the wrong place...I didn't have everything! Needless to say, Addison finished my job.....
This little orange (maybe giraffe looking thing) is going to hurt someone..well let me rephrase that..I flicked it at about the right time Turner was in perfect view of being smacked with the 'flingy thing'.. He's still too big for this, but we stuff blankets and he looks at it all. I can't wait for him to be able to go to town in this!

Growing! Growing!
He's at the stage where he will hold his toys. It's fun except for the occasional head bang...  Here he is holding his head up high!
Went and visited my friend Krissy and her sweet girl Anna! She was born on May 29th (My birthday!)
It's so fun to hang out and swap stories and especially to hear that your child is 'not the only one'.

All I wanted to do was make a pretty fruit pizza for my BFF, Marcy's, 30th Birthday... I am actually good in the kitchen but Momma Brain here seems to have to jump through 4 hoops! Turner is just hanging out in the kitchen with me bouncing away while Momma is cooking away! Got the dough in the oven and went to change Turner's diaper.. I come back to a smoke filled kitchen! Open it up to discover this...Turner is back in his bouncy....doors opened....and now looking around my kitchen at what I call 'Martha Stewart on crack'..... oh well!

It's been a great few weeks!
If you haven't noticed...Turner is still using the paci from the hospital. it's not that we are cheap, but it's the only one he truly likes. Luckily, he doesn't use it that much throughout the day since it goes missing throughout the day! He does love his Rocco the Rhino paci my friend Katey gave him! 
Looking forward to month 4!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Hayden's Birthday Bash!

Turner loves to party! Well..that's what I thought for this day. I was excited about today.  Turner's first birthday party with his friends. I have many friends with babies and Addison and I have been attending parties for years without kids-it was fun to have one there..well..late of course. ....
   Turner decided today was going to be his day to nap. I had the whole day scheduled with his feedings and naps! We would be good to go. Fed Turner and fast asleep around 9:30. Perfect! He will sleep his normal 45 minutes and then up and happy to P-A-R-T-Y at 11:00...not today. Turner kept on sleeping. I finally told Addison I'm going to go ahead and go to the party-this was around 11:15. I HATE being late to parties! I again show up without a kid. Turner then wakes up after his 2 hour nap..which I know is normal but not for him. Addison shows up with Turner after his bottle and had a wonderful time! It's so fun to see all our kids grow up together. I couldn't believe Hayden was 3 years old!!

I really think Marcy and I should call each other when Turner and Campbell will be attending the same event and have them matching... I think it would be fun :)... What do you think, Marcy??

So! Onto our big day of events! After Hayden's party, we get home and do our had the Hill's bbq to attend at 5...we AGAIN were late because Turner decided to take another 2 hour nap... !
I love it how all during the week it's always 45 minutes..and then when I actually want to go somewhere and everyone is home he decides to take long naps. Gotta love that boy!

Thursday, July 15, 2010


Turner was lucky to visit beautiful Seaside, FL for the first time this past week! We went with Shugie, Aunt Natalie and West, Uncle Aaron and Dannis, and Aunt Lydia and Caul. It was so great to have so many people to hold Turner. He didn't know what to do when we returned and I placed him in his bouncie! He did GREAT on the car ride down there. I was very surprised. Once we got there the fun started! We celebrated 4th of July and he slept through the big fireworks show...yep..he wakes if you drop a fork way in the kitchen when he's in his room, but he will sleep through boom! boom! boom! He relaxed on the beach... :) for a bit and then it was back to the casa. Lydia saved him from the biggest crab I've ever seen! As Shugie said, I went into mom mode! Luckily, it went away. I mean his swimsuit did say 'Pinch Me I'm Cute' with a crab on it!
We went to two restaurants with him for the first time. It took 'team Turner' to keep him under control, giving a little girl the evil eye if she even touches my sleeping baby (that took me 20 minutes outside before dinner arrived) even if her grandmother said it was ok to touch the baby ( ??? ) but I got to eat while Dannis held and rocked Turner! She was the bouncy ball queen! Turner and her would be on a marathon with the bouncy ball. Thank goodness I brought that thing! Everyone helped with bath time...Turner even peed all over Dannis to initiate her into bath fun! Natalie and West stayed with Turner one night so I could go to dinner. It was so relaxing and a wonderful dinner! Uncle Aaron loved strumming his guitar and singing Turner some tunes. Turner really took to West. He thought he was hanging with the big boys in Seaside!
The weather was so beautiful. We took some early morning strolls before it got too hot. He loved strolling around and looking at all the pretty houses. We sported the baby Bjorn through Seaside when I went to get dinner a few times. He loved it all! The best thing was I really saw Turner start 'turning' into his personality. He laughed out loud for the first time the first morning in the hotel. Shugie was in the bathroom and heard while I was just talking to Turner. From then on, that was the mission for the week! There were so many wonderful memories!
His night routine was not too great, so I was glad to get home and get him back to sleeping that long, beautiful 5-6 hour stretch I know and love! Everyone was so nice to 'live' with a 3 month old during their vacation. We all had a blast and wonderful memories! I am looking forward to many more with everyone and Turner going to the beach! I truly appreciate them helping me out since Addison couldn't go. Addison will be there next year! :)
I have so many pictures, so I'm only posting a few to help show what all we did

The best Aunts in the world! Loves their Tman!

My favorite picture...

Turner has quite the expression on his cute little face! Shugie was a trooper in the car with us for 13 hours and driving the entire way! It was great spending time with her!

Loved hanging with the boys. West is explaining to him about Lebron. Turner really thought he was going to stay with his hometown! He was a little upset but he got over it.

Having dinner. Turner was the good baby in the restaurant while other children ran around and screamed. Yes, he knows his table manners. This dinner it was Aaron taking him outside to look at the bear toy store, Dannis taking over to rock him to calm down and take the paci, and then hand off to Natalie to feed the bottle because he started to get fussy, and then I swoop in for the run of holding him and rocking him to sleep. Yes, Team Turner but we made it to dinner! I also had to walk back to the house because I forgot the paci...rookie mistake! :)
LOVE this picture of Aunt Natalie! So pretty!

Devin with her little girl Ava. It was so fun meeting Wade and hanging out on the 4th. Loved the Cookie contest!

Hanging out before the Fireworks..turner resting peacefully in his bed!

Aunt Natalie getting Turner to giggle. He loves sitting with Aunt Lydia like this. Lydia introduced this favorite position to us!

Dannis and Uncle Aaron really helped with Turner. They will be such great parents!

Kickin' it Seaside Style! Thank you to everyone who helped me have a great 1st time at the beach! Love you!!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Man! When you don't stay on top of posts it's kind of overwhelming on trying to catch up. So, Katy logic, I'll go backwards! :) We had a great time in Seaside and now just getting back to our routine. When we got home Addison insisted we moved him to his crib Tuesday night. I was hesitant, but so glad we did. He did so good with the transition. I felt bad because we moved him way across the house during a horrendous storm! He didn't seem to mind :). He is a mover and a shaker when he wants out! I have found him sprawled out hands and feet on all four corners of the crib so far bawling his eyes out. He is a little impatient--(wonder where he gets that?!?!)Other than the alien dome light shining from our room due to the monitor, it's been great!

I've been loving just being at home with him and doing nothing the past few days. I had a favorite moment today. He just got done eating and I burped him and sat him up. He layed against me and we sat there for 20 minutes as I sang Annie songs to him. He just sat and stared while I belted, "You're never fully dressed without a smile." and then I played him my favorite song from that musical, "NYC" and I hummed :) along. He loved it.

We've been doing a lot lately, but my boy is crying and time to feed!