Saturday, November 27, 2010

We are THANKful for....

Thanksgiving 2010

It's been a great week! I just love spending time with my family! Addison had the entire week off as well, so we have been able to spend lots of time together with our little guy. With Addison traveling so much right now and work always consuming us, it was great to have a week surrounded with very little to do.

We started our week with celebrating Jackson's 3rd birthday!
Thanksgiving was wonderful! We had dinner with Nanny, Grandmama, and Grandpapa Tuesday evening to begin the festivities. On Thanksgiving, we went to Shugie's and had a wonderful day with Aunt Nat, Aunt Lydia, Moppy, Poppy, Shugie and the Fox crew! Turner had fun playing with everyone.

The pictures highlight what we did this week!

I took Turner to the library. I wanted a picture by this because I remember it when I used to visit the library at a young age. He was obviously staring at something more interesting :).
His new favorite spot....
We just sat there for about 15 minutes and he was just gazing away. I would whisper about the trees and mountains. He would look at me smile and then go back to staring out the window. Grandmama will have to make a weekly visit.

 We had breakfast before heading to church. He insisted he wore a tie for the Thanksgiving sermon.

 Took the opportunity to take some pictures by our pretty trees before they were all gone. This is one of my favorite hats of Turner, so I wanted to get some poses before he grew out of it. Shugie took Turner shopping and got him cute outfits and an ADORABLE hat. I can't wait to pose him in that one!

 Uncle Carl (as Caul is called:) and Lydia popped in for a visit.
 Jackson's birthday was so fun! Afterwards we went to Tim's with the whole clan! It's always a treat to be with the family!

 Turner and Campbell playing with their toys. Campbell do you mind if we borrow some bows to tame 'someone's' hair??
 Ryan was bouncing the blue ball and it was CRACKING Turner up!

Nanny had us over for dinner Tuesday evening! It was great to just spend time with Nanny, Gmama, and Gpapa.

 Aunt Natalie enjoying some floor time with the kids.
 MMMM... stuffing....
 Turner got passed around a 'few' times :) Poppy was excited to see his Turner!

 Daddy carving the turkey--Turner watching so he can do it next year.

 Marley was so cute and kept calling Turner, Baby. He pulled her hair and she said bad baby in the sweetest voice. Too cute! They both just played while we all ate.
 The Aunties with Turner Dean
 I'm stuffed!
 The whole Gobble Gobble clan... (Turner was napping!)
  Kate is due in three or so weeks! She will be having a boy! Megan tried to hold Turner many times but Marley would get jealous. We snuck a quick picture!

 Aunt Natalie's Thanksgiving outfit by the end of the night since Turner decided to pee all over her...and the bed..gotta love that boy!
 Of course had to have a little photo time while we were lounging around the house....

It was a great Thanksgiving break, but someone is ready to see their GRANDMAMA!
We are SO thankful for SO much!
Gobble! Gobble!

Monday, November 15, 2010

"He's My Best Friend"

"He's My Best Friend"

Who is that?? What do I see??

I wanna play...

Not with PoPo is always staring at me...BUT...


                                                    My favorite toy in the whole world!

Mommy you are not as funny as Ribbit, so don't even try.

See! He's so flexible!

He loves all the hugs and kisses from ME!

That's right, Ribbit is my best friend!

Please don't take Ribbit from me...

We have so many places to adventure to!

I can see us now! Traveling the world...

feasting on gourmet food fit for a King and Queen..

making everyone around laugh! laugh! laugh! That guy..he's hilarious!

yep! He's the best buddy any guy could ask for!

Geez...that Ribbit..his jingle..his jangle...I love him so!
Thanks Ribbit for always bringing a smile to my face!

Turner Dean

Monday, November 8, 2010

Trick or Treat!

We have had some great weeks, but I've been consumed with sooo much grading! It really takes a toll on me when I just want to do nothing after work...but oh well! Part of it, but that's why I'm behind on....well Blogging is the least of what I'm behind on--! :)
   Turner is opening wide for all veggies! We survived the two weeks with Daddy being in Denmark. Thank you Skype! I think it was harder on him being away from Turner ...but Mommy didn't mind him being around for an extra set of hands ;)! Luckily, we have many family members that checked in on me, helped watch Turner, and made the two weeks better.

We had some great fun with Halloween! He was Snuggle Puppy and I bought him a 3 month costume...he was 7 I just cut out the bottoms--it worked and only cost me six bucks! Campbell was the sweetest kitty! The pictures are adorable of them. I always sit and make up conversations Turner and Campbell are having..I should make it a little tv show..for me and Marcy to watch :).
    I MADE all the Grandmas close their doors and let us knock to say Trick or Treat..I'm so glad they love me:). We got lots of candy, but we did Trick or Treat at 1:00 in the afternoon to fit in Turner's 'times'. Maybe next year we can venture out to a neighborhood...someone will have to invite us to their neighborhood because we are surrounded by trees, but we do have a beautiful fall view that makes for great pictures!  Had a great time on the square with the Hill's and Schwartman's. I've gone the past few years flying solo and this year had Mr. T by my side! It was fun. Grandmama and Shugie joined us for the festivities on the square..lots of chaos really because of the many many kids. My favorite was the gigantic table with the kid's head in the middle. Marcy laughed and said that's something I would do to Turner..she's right :).  We had a playdate on Saturday at Jenny's house and had some fun. We try to get together once every other month because sadly time just flies and we rarely see each other.

When Daddy came home on the 30th it was so great! Turner just stared at him in awe. I had my first night away from him on night was enough, but I had fun! It was a great girls trip to see Wicked and do a little shopping!

Turner is being more and more vocal and moving a lot more! His hair is still growing straight up and he still loves to go outside..I'm very concerned for these long winter's going to be so hard for him not to go outside!

Attempting to take a group shot on the square

Mommy wanted something sweet from Bliss on our way out of the square

"I'll share a some candy with you, Campbell! You are soo sweet!" Turner remarks.

His 7 month picture!
Nanny made him this cute Booo shirt! She's so creative!

Jackson enjoying one of my Jack O Lantern fruit cups!

This was the most amazing thing trying to get them all sitting down at once..good times!

OOOhhh. I love you! I read Turner this book called Snuggle Puppy by Sandra Boynton (love her!) and there's a CD that goes along with it. Anytime he's fussy in the car, I just pop the CD in and he starts smiling and listening. In the house, it's a special treat because I just sing him the song and he loves it! :)

mmm...costume a little too short?? Nah! It's called being on a budget during these rough economical times! :)

Aww...Halloween is over....

My mom was so great while Addison was gone! She skyped more with Addison and Turner than I did! She is so technology savvy! She puts in many extra hours when Addison is gone-thanks Mom!

When you eat lots of candy, this is what happens!

This was when I was leaving him for one night. He's looking like he wants to tell me it's really not that big of a deal mom, I mean..c'mon I need some guy time with my Daddy! :)

Celebrating Halloween!

It's been a great few weeks and can't believe it's NOVEMBER!! Gobble! Gobble!