Sunday, October 24, 2010


He is popping teeth out left and right! He has two on the bottom and one on the top creeping in. This has made him not his happy go lucky self lately. Addison and I were shocked the day we were in Target and he just fell asleep while we were shopping! NEVER has he done such a thing! I told someone it looks like he's chewing on two potatoes with those cheeks! He is also letting out ver loud screeches! It scares PoPo and he goes running to Turner.

He gets a lot of comments on his 'poof' hair:) I brushed it down before bedtime. He looks like Dennis! I hope the Menace part isn't added down the road. :)

Veggies...mmm..not so much. He does not like sweet potatoes, carrots, and he sometimes will eat squash. He has to have it warm..I was hoping I wouldn't have to heat them up...but he throws quite the fit! I've worked on it for two weeks, so warm it is :). I love when he takes a bite, he starts to shake and pucker up.

He's not sucking his thumb..he's gnawing on his fingers because of teething! He chomps down on his thumb then realizes what he's doing and starts to cry. He's chomped down on my thumb and it does hurt! Sharp little things! I wish more stores would sell beanies for babies :(. I can't find them anywhere. Daddy loves to wear them, so he does, too! :)

Saturday morning playtime. Kaitlyn and Kyleigh gave us all their old toys and Turner loves them! Addison and I have races with Turner's toys on who can do it faster. The Hill's bought T one of those buckets where the shapes go through the certain holes..yep..I won!

Looks like he's in motion...
 Roni bought him this turtle ball holder (blank on the real name of it..not enough coffee yet )he can play in. I love it because I now don't have to ever take him to the ball 'pool' at Chuck-E-Cheese :). These balls are so fun! We throw them in the buckets, throw them in the air, and even PoPo tries to catch them. HOURS and HOURS of fun :).

Popo sleeps here pretty much all day..unless Turner is playing. I love the Lion on this thing. He's called our British friend, Lio'n and I talk to Turner in a British accent. He LOVES it

Well he woke up and was not wanting to be in his carseat! This was the day we attempted to head to the Corn Maze for Jordan and Hayden's birthday party... we ended up driving PAST it. He was asleep..didn't bring the right stroller for that..blah..blah...typical. I asked my brother if the girls get upset when you just drive them PAST the birthday parties. :) I don't think we will be able to pull it off when he's four.

Turn your head..didn't flip it. He was loving this beautiful fall weather.

I decided to take him to the side of our house and get some pictures for Halloween! He was having a lot of fun with the pumpkins.

He kept picking up chunks of grass

Trick or Treat, smell my feet!

Happy Fall!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Lazy Saturdays....

I love Saturdays. It's the day where I don't think about work at all..and don't feel guilty about it! All day today the family has just been lounging around and hanging out together. At the same time, Addison and I kept saying how we thought we had something to do if we didn't show up somewhere, we apologize. Since we are now HUGE HOG fans, the game is on, momma is lounging on the couch, and Turner is shouting WPS (this stands for Woo Pig Sooie :) while Daddy is hooting and hollering about the game. Ya know, we are HOG fans now!...he's actually napping at this very second..but ya know what I mean.

When you are such huge HOG fans like us, it's appropriate to have on HOG gear!
On Saturdays, we lounge around and play with our toes!

 Momma sometimes takes a catnap :)
 We take a few pictures on our full day together!
Turner shows me all his new tricks he learned this week at school with Grandmama. He learned why they actually want porridge 9 days old and how he stretches to put his toes in his mouth.
 Someone else gets a little attention...

 We tell stories, giggle, and of course sing songs!
 Turner has his Saturday early morning paper route to earn his keep around here!
 We wake up still VERY early for a Saturday, but we don't care because we want to spend as much time looking at that CRAZY hair!
Then it's grillin' Saturdays! We don't want to get cold, so we bundle up and watch Daddy cook dinner!

 He loves playing dress up and trying on the latest fashion-like leggings!
 We take advantage of the prettiest time of year in Fayetteville, and walk around the Farmer's Market and just enjoy each other's company.

 On Saturdays it's hard for T to give back 'the man of the house's' chair!
 He practices sitting up and playing by himself  since Momma likes to be connected to Turner on Saturday :). He's sitting up for a few minutes on his own. Still LOVES to bounce, bounce, bounce!
We also don't forget to stroll around our neighborhood even on the weekends! He loves outside and we take advantage of it!
I look forward to Saturdays more than anything! I love spending the entire day with Turner and Addison. Turner is about to start on some real food if mommy can ever get to the grocery store. Getting gas and going grocery shopping are always on the end of my list, but not anymore since Turner needs food! :)

We went to the Dr this week and his 'stats'
HT- 26'' / 50%
WT- 15# 4 oz / 12%
HC - 17.2'' - 50%

In a matter of seconds, Turner ripped out both of Dr. Sharkey's earrings. Luckily. she wears the kind that are for children!

 During the week, I went and visited a friend of mine who just had a baby. Row! He was so tiny and just dreaming away. It was so sweet to hold a newborn. It's amazing that Turner was just there 6 months ago!

Happy Birthday Grandpapa! Turner was a partying fool for my dad's birthday on Wednesday! It won't be long and they will be swapping fishing stories!

We are looking forward to many lazy Saturdays! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Turner's Baptism

Today was Turner's Baptism at Trinity United Methodist church. It was such a special day. What made it so special was as we were standing up there, I just kept thinking about how many of our family and friends were standing behind us for Turner. It's something I will remember forever. Life is so busy and they all took time out of their day to be there for Turner. (Lydia and Caul trucked it from a wedding in Texarkana this morning & the Hill family made it back from Little Rock about 2 am to even be there--!)  He was so good througout the entire service. Brother Terry did a wonderful job on making us understand the importance behind him being baptized and how we all play an important role in Turner's walk with God. Loved every moment! Shugie then invited us all for a wonderful luncheon! She made things so pretty and it was great to just spend a moment or two with everyone before the busy week begins. I love, love getting both sides of the family together because Addison and I love being part of such a great family and surrounded by wonderful friends!

Here are the highlights of today!

Here's the crew! This is the church I grew up in so that made it extra special.

Jackson trying to share his pencils with Turner! Always thinking of others!

A little favorite moment was how Brother Terry and I matched our outfits. It made the 3 hours of shopping to find the perfect dress worthwhile so it all would look good in the pictures! Addison and Turner with their touch of blue and Brother Terry and I with our touch of purple! Couldn't be any more perfect! :)

It was so cute because Turner just stared at Brother Terry talking like he was understanding everything he was saying.

Moppy bought Turner this really sweet cloth for Brother Terry to wipe him afterwards. It has his name on it.

He walked him up and down the aisle talking about the purpose of this. When he got back to us, I held him up and said, "And he loves you all!" Pointing to all the family behind us :) I felt like I should say something--we didn't rehearse that but I felt it, so I said it. :)

In this picture:
Gigi, Grandpapa, Aunt Roni, Grandmama, Moppy, Poppy, Nanny, Grandma Sue, Daddy, Shugie, Mommy, Uncle Caul, Aunt Lydia, Marcy, Campbell, Cameron, Jackson, Aunt Natalie, and Uncle West!...oh and TURNER
 My favorite was in the main picture on the top, Campbell and Turner were just staring at each other.

He had little crosses on his socks

I promise, Grandmama, I will be good in church.

He was very excited about the luncheon!

Jackson found a lot of candy at Shugies' house!

Ms. Campbell took her nap!

and of course Turner did, too thanks to Aunt Nat! :)

The Hill family! Jackson had on the cutest tie and Campbell's tights were pretty adorable!

Natalie bought him this sweet little blue bible. I am going to cherish it! Almost made me cry, Nat! I think I did more crying today. :)  

Moppy talking with Campbell and Jackson!

The beautiful table setting!

Uncle Beej was there to see Turner get baptized at his childhood church, too! He missed the big picture because he had to go run and do something for work.

Kate and Lydia hanging out discussing Kate's baby room. She's expecting a little boy! We love our boys! Terry was there and got Turner the CUTEST books! They are going to be Turner's readings for the week.

Shugie was hostessing so we didn't get the best picture. I am going to have both of them wear the same outfits (they haven't been told this yet :) and get a picture! She's the hostess with the mostess!

Thank you for such a special day!
Love, Turner