Friday, June 15, 2012

Fake Cry

I had a somewhat low this week...

For some reason, Turner won't let me read any of his books to him recently. I  end up reading the book to myself because he says, "No, Mommy" and walks off or he takes the book out of my hands and puts it back. I have tried to let him read the book to me, pick the book out..and so forth. He won't budge! Breaks.My.Heart. I was even the cool mom and bought him the summer reading tshirt from the FPL thinking that would help :).

Anyways, yesterday I picked up Super Sid walked back to the living room to read it to him. He proceeded to take the book from my hands (which I've been discussing with him how he is not the 'boss man of the house', but that's another day). As he took it out of my hands and proceeded to walk back to his room to put it back, (which he is very anal on putting things back where they belong, but that's another day) I started to fake cry. I placed my hands over my face, pouted, cried, told Turner how I just wanted to read him a story, wiped my tears... Turner stopped before going around the corner...stared at me...then started walking backing saying, "Here, Mommy. Read book." He placed the book in my hands, leaned on me while putting his hands around my shoulder and listened to me read the book.

I guess I'm still somewhat of the boss man of the house...just in my own way :). So pathetic.

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