Thursday, January 14, 2010

January Kicks!

This week Turner has turned into quite a busy little boy! I love feeling him kick and it's A LOT these days. The kids at school calls 'me' (or my belly) little Bon funny..I did hit a child yesterday with my belly when I tried to help him. He was embarrassed and I need to learn the 'depth' of my belly! :) Addison has officially moved to the other room--our bed has 6 pillows on it..I don't think any of them help and it's all restless sleep, but oh well! Addison is such a great husband! I am so lucky for him to be the father to our son. He has the biggest heart and is always thinking of me and it's made this pregnancy amazing! (He hasn't even cared I've been stealing his tshirts since they are way more comfortable (...ok bigger!)

Turner is already getting spoiled! We are so blessed to have so many people who love us and love Turner! Below is the comfortable, beautiful red chair for Turner. He got it for Christmas and was SO thankful for it from Shugie Sonya! ;) PoPo is pathetic and HAD to be in the picture..... no problems in that area. While I'm thinking of it, please pray for him..I get so sad to think how it may all turn out once Turner is here and PoPo... :( I have been training him with a dog training CD and a 'fake' baby. I hope it works! Quicken will just lick all of Turner's snotty noses. My mom, Grandmama, bought him tons of cute clothes and wonderful blankets that I can't wait to use. She gave me the cutest onsie to use at the hospital! She was even thinking of Addison and has this monitor he can hopefully take all the way to the shop with him :). Always thinking!

I am so blessed to be having such a great pregnancy and can't WAIT for March. (Besides having to be weighed TWICE at the Dr's because she couldn't believe I've gained that much...every pregnant woman's dream...I don't care-I will gain 30 more for this boy!)  I can't believe it's right around the corner. A lot to think about and get done, but it will...:)